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【亚博平台网址是多少】活力重燃相聚国网 首创置业网球菁英邀请赛打响

   On September 26, the 2020 Beijing First Land Tennis Elites Invitational Tournament was grandly opened at the National Tennis Center. Tennis elites from all walks of life in Beijing gathered together to share the elegance and charm of tennis. Grand Slam doubles champion Zheng Jie made a surprise appearance and interacted with the players in the tie-break, which completely ignited the atmosphere of the audience. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, all contestants at the competition site need to go through security checks, temperature measurement, scanning and registration of health treasures before they can officially participate. In addition, the competition also provided participants with free disposable medical masks and alcohol-free hand sanitizers and other epidemic prevention materials, as well as energy supply kits and China Open souvenir gift certificates.


   The pursuit of better and higher quality, continuous innovation and breakthroughs, consistent concepts and clear goals have brought China Open and Beijing Capital Land together in the special year of 2020. This is not only efficient and synergistic, but also in response to market needs. Zhang Haibin, Assistant President of Beijing Capital Land, said in his opening speech: “The hosting of the China Open in 2020 is an effective way to stimulate social vitality in the country and will become an important driving force for the development of sports and industry; For Beijing Capital, this is a state-owned enterprise's strong executive power to shoulder its social responsibilities; for EMBA elites, it represents a healthy, high-quality lifestyle." In order to thank Beijing Capital Land for its naming support for the event, Beijing Capital Zhou Bo, deputy director of the group office (office of the board of directors) and business leader of the on-site management team of China Open, presented Beijing Capital Land with a signed frame of the champion of China Open on behalf of the event. Zhang Haibin accepted this memorable and collectible souvenir on behalf of Beijing Capital Land .

追求更好,更高的质量,不断创新和突破,始终如一的理念和明确的目标已将中国公开赛和北京首都置地在2020年特殊的一年结合在一起。这不仅高效,协同,而且能满足市场需求。北京首都置地助理总裁张海滨在开幕词中说:“ 2020年中国公开赛的举办是激发全国社会活力的有效途径,并将成为体育产业发展的重要动力。 ;对于北京首都来说,这是国有企业承担社会责任的强大执行力。对于EMBA精英们来说,这代表了一种健康,高质量的生活方式。”为了感谢北京首都置地对该活动的命名支持,集团办公室副主任(董事会办公室)北京首都周博和中国公开赛现场管理团队的业务负责人代表此次活动向北京首都置地赠送了中国公开赛冠军的签名框,张海滨先生代表北京首都置地接受了这一难忘而珍贵的纪念品。

At the opening ceremony, Zhang Junhui, director and president of Beijing China Open Sports Promotion Co., Ltd., and China Tennis Open event director, said with eloquence: “Today we want to celebrate another brave start. With the strong support of Beijing Capital Land, With the assistance of Tsinghua EMBA Tennis Association, the 2020 Beijing Capital Land Tennis Elite Invitational Tournament has lived up to expectations and opened gorgeously and settled in Beijing and Shanghai. With excitement, the tennis players will gather again in this familiar and beautiful season. The National Tennis Center, let the vitality come back!"


In the past, Djokovic, Nadal, Serena Williams, Sharapova and other international stars have all left their championship trails at the China Open. This year, although the China Open has cancelled professional events, it has kept the original taste. The professional fan of China Open has brought to the site of the Beijing Capital Land Tennis Elite Invitational, allowing amateur players to experience exclusive services that can only be enjoyed by the world’s top professional players. They can not only use the China Open’s player lounge, but also take a ride every year. During the tennis period, players take the shuttle bus to and from the lounge and the arena. The most intimate thing is that the tournament side also specially equipped two professional physiotherapists to provide injury consultation, massage physiotherapy and other services to players.


Event service and event experience have always been the core of China Open. This time China Open has carefully created a brand new event service platform for the 2020 Beijing Capital Land Tennis Elite Invitational. Just follow the China Tennis Open WeChat official account (CO_4007076666) and click on the menu. You can enter the Elite Tournament. Open the "match score" column, players can experience the convenience and advancement of new tennis technology, check the real-time scores and battle results of any venue at any time without going out, and grasp the real-time progress of the entire match.


  The event also invited a professional photography and camera team to capture the dynamic moments for each player, making the participating elites the real protagonists on the field. Players can find the corresponding materials in the categories of "Popular Atlas", "Live Highlights", and "Friend Moments Materials", and download and share the game dynamics at any time. At the same time, the platform also deliberately opened up the self-portrait upload function, which is also a new gameplay that has not been tried in other amateur events. All contestants will be able to become photographers and upload their own pictures and short videos to the platform to share their excitement.


   What the players in this Elite Tournament most look forward to is undoubtedly the face-to-face exchanges with Grand Slam doubles champion Zheng Jie during the competition, ushering in their own bright moments. Zheng Jie, an old friend of the China Open, will partner with former national tennis player Zhang Aimin to meet the tie-break challenge of elite golfers. For amateur golfers, this is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Regardless of the final result, I believe that the PK story with the Grand Slam champion is definitely not the envy of other golfers.


In order to meet the needs of tennis equipment control, the tournament team also held a new racket trial meeting with two major tennis brands, Wilson Wilson and Hyde. Hyde rackets include star models endorsed by Djokovic, Zverev, and Sharapova. For the racket, Wilson will focus on recommending the Pro Staff v13 new generation of black racket. This racket has not yet been sold in the open market. Players can "play" at the trial meeting for a good experience.

为了满足网球设备控制的需求,比赛队还与两个主要网球品牌Wilson Wilson和Hyde举行了新的球拍试验会议。海德球拍包括德约科维奇,兹维列夫和莎拉波娃认可的明星模特。对于球拍,威尔逊将重点推荐Pro Pro v13新一代黑色球拍。该球拍尚未在公开市场上出售。玩家可以在试用会议上“玩耍”以获得良好的体验。

  Every golden autumn, tennis players gather at the China Open. It is a habit, a tradition, and a symbol. Affected by the international epidemic this year, the Chinese season has been suspended. Facing the difficult 2020, China Open has joined hands with Beijing Capital Group and Beijing Capital Land to meet the challenge and build a platform for amateur tennis elites to rekindle their passion for tennis. As a heavyweight event with the EMBA Business School accurate crowd as the main participant and covering domestic elites, the 2020 Beijing Capital Land Tennis Elite Invitational will have two stations in Beijing and Shanghai this year. The Beijing station is divided into EMBA group, university group, and enterprise group. There are three groups, each with 12 elite teams, a total of 36 teams; the Shanghai station will start on October 17, and the registration is still ongoing.