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   When it comes to domestically produced animations, whether they are produced or their storytelling, they are among the best in the world. Afterwards, it gradually declined due to various reasons. However, it is still catching up with the friends born in the 80s and 90s. When we were young, the TV stations would more or less broadcast some classic animations.


  How much do you remember about those animations? Today, I will take everyone to recollect, those dark animations that are extremely scary when thinking carefully!


   Personal rating: ★★★☆, Diablo Index: ★★


   I believe that there are not a few people who have seen it. The specific eyebrow ruler is passed down as the famous swordsmith of the Spring and Autumn Period and the son of Mo Xie. The cartoon tells the story of the father of the male pig's feet hurting the king and the male pig's feet avenging the father.


The film is very legendary, with a light dark style, the story is strong, the complex is tortuous, and the darkest picture is the most oppressive: the male pig's feet and other people fight against each other, the sword-making time is strange and the color and weird The first time I watched the soundtrack, I was in elementary school. The first time I watched it in a muddle-headed way, the second time I understood 70%, and the third time I finally understood it completely. Speaking out may affect the perception of some viewers!


   Personal rating: ★★★☆☆, Diablo Index: ★★★☆


A very sincere masterpiece of domestic conscience. Although it has been 29 years, many popular elements in the film are still not outdated, and the strong dark wind makes people shudder. It is strange to say that it is not bloody or violent, and it looks the greenest. The murderous puppet show, in the episode of the Kingdom of Two Faces, scared the original cock of the year!


   Later, when I grew up, I realized that the most frightening thing about this drama is that TMD and true TMD are too realistic! The weird countries in the film, those "weirds", are either harsh or ruthless, or greedy for money or exquisite, or distracted by the wind, or distracted by others, or split personality or reverse black and white, carefully observe, after rational analysis, you Do you still think this is a cartoon?


   The ending song "Wandering through the North and the South" is also a god


  How many years can you live in life? How much trouble should you have in your life? Wandering through the north and the south, only to know that it is more enjoyable to draw a knife without water! How many years can one live? How difficult should it be in a lifetime? I know that it is even more annoying to pour sorrow with wine!


   Some words and things, without experience and time precipitation, will never understand. The charm of classic animation is that it allows the audience to grow together with them. After a few years, they look back. The subtle changes in perception and cognition make people stunned.


   Personal rating: ★★★★☆, Diablo Index: ★★☆


If Da Shi said that red ginseng and snow ginseng were the dream lovers of Da Shi when he was a child (the "goddess" was not popular in those days), would you be able to play Da Shi? Actually, this cock has always resisted ink and wash films since childhood. Tadpoles find their mothers, and I haven’t watched a few of them, but this one is the exception. From the theme song to the soundtrack, from the style to the details, from the plot development to the character setting, it attracts the original dick everywhere. The large-scale production, especially the wide-angle picture, is even more magnificent!

如果大石说红参和雪参是小时候大石的梦中情人(那时候“女神”并不流行),您能玩大石吗?实际上,这只公鸡从小就一直抵制墨水和水洗胶卷。 find找到了他们的母亲,我没有看过其中的几个,但这是一个例外。从主题曲到配乐,从风格到细节,从情节发展到角色设定,它无处不在吸引着原始的家伙。大规模生产,尤其是广角图片,更加宏伟!

   However, I don’t know why, and there is another dark wind that is not clear, so that the original dick of the year has a faint fear from the bottom of his heart, and this fear is not a certain "bad guy." The fighting screen is even more dazzling, with many "skills", dazzling moves, and faint restraint and anti-restraint settings, making people want to stop and not fascinating. "The lofty Changbai Mountain is conceived with a long-standing legend..." Do you remember?

但是,我不知道为什么,还有另外一个未知的黑暗之风,以至于当年的当初鸡巴从内心深处隐隐有一种恐惧,而这种恐惧并不是某个“坏蛋”。 ”格斗屏幕更加令人眼花,乱,具有许多“技巧”,令人眼花moves乱的动作以及微弱的约束和反约束设置,使人们想要停下来而不是着迷。 “崇高的长白山有着悠久的传说……”您还记亚博平台网址是多少得吗?

   Personal rating: ★★★★☆, Diablo Index: ★★★★☆


   This film successfully created the image of a "big bad wolf", and the shadow enveloped Ben's entire childhood! Everyone is afraid of animals, some are afraid of snakes, some are afraid of mice, and some are afraid of lizards, but the most feared thing is the big bad wolf! That's right, you read that right, this one is the shadow that hung in Ben's heart!


   It was not until I grew up to discover that the clear and terrifying image of the big bad wolf in my heart originated from two sources: 1. "Little Red Riding Hood" 2. "Fox Fights Hunter", how scared is it? Let me put it this way, every time I heard the terrible aunt on the tape imitating the big bad wolf tone, I would be scared to pee! In fact, take a closer look at this film. It is very connotative (not detailed). It is similar to "Old Wolf Treats". I thought about it more than once. I wanted to watch it with his children and talk to him about Big Bad Wolf. story.

直到我长大后才发现心中那头大灰狼的清晰而恐怖的形象源自两个方面:1.“小红帽” 2.“狐狸打猎者”,这有多害怕?让我这样说,每当我听到录音带上模仿大坏狼的可怕阿姨的声音时,我都会害怕撒尿!实际上,仔细看这部电影。这是非常有意义的(不详细)。它类似于“老狼零食”。我考虑了不止一次。我想和他的孩子们一起看,并和他谈谈《大灰狼》。故事。

   Personal rating: ★★★★☆, Diablo Index: ★★★★★☆


   To be honest, except for the little loli who sings the opening song, Da Shi really doesn't think this is a cartoon for children! The painting style, soundtrack, and plot are all weird, and they are the kind that the more they think about it, the more they are afraid. I personally think that the sloppy king can be ranked first in the thrilling cartoon. Of course, the classic of this cartoon is precisely because of these elements Among them, there is no lack of classic unlocking stalks of "four strokes with nine dots".


   Personal rating: ★★★★★★, Diablo Index: ★★★★★☆


   The legend of the twelve zodiac signs can be used to introduce the origin of the zodiac signs to the children. Each episode is very exciting. Back then, the cock watched the whole series under the ambivalence of fear and thinking. The soundtrack of the screen is not much to say, it can be classified as a horror cartoon series. The blood is no less than the sloppy king, especially the two episodes of Snake and Monkey. When I saw each episode, I always felt sore nose at the end of each episode. There are many other cartoons on the theme of the Chinese zodiac, and I have seen Da Shi, but the only one I remember and the most impressive is this one.


   still sings the theme song "The Chinese Zodiac is loved by everyone, everyone is a good friend..."


   Personal rating: ★★★★★★, Diablo Index: ★★★★★☆


   Seems the sunniest dark wind cartoon. This film makes Da Shi feel evil because of a strange word. The old man is very weird, the pictures are weird, the story is weird, the words are weird, and there is a strange word everywhere, and this weirdness attracts you to pay attention to the development of the main line of the story. It seems very ordinary, but always feels that it is not so. Going on. After watching this film, Da Shi often wonders, should he give up his seat to the old man?


   Personal rating: ★★★★★★☆, Diablo Index: ★★★★★★★


   This film makes children afraid is the consensus of most people born in 1985 and before 95. Looking at the whole film, it can be said that it is the most cartoon in China: there is the largest number of cartoons but no one looks like a person! Even if it’s crooked, it’s okay to place the five senses at random...but you just can’t laugh!


The string of laughter at the beginning of the film still sounds creepy. From the second half of the first episode, Ben's heart was enveloped by a lingering dark cloud: I felt like I fell into the abyss with the male pig's feet. , Embarked on a long, desperate, and helpless adventure. There are many sensitive and avant-garde things in the film, so I don't point out them one by one.

电影开头的一连串笑声听起来仍然令人毛骨悚然。从第一集的下半部分开始,Ben的心就被一团缠绵的乌云所笼罩:我感觉自己就像是被雄性猪脚掉进了深渊。 ,踏上了漫长,绝望和无助的冒险。电影中有许多敏感而前卫的东西求个亚博网址,所以我不会一一指出。

   Personal rating: perfect score, dark index: ★★★★


   Da Shi’s personal spiritual work, tied for first. Some netizens also commented that "The Big Rogue" is a monument and milestone in the history of Chinese animation. This film carries too many things about Da Shi’s life, not just memories, I picked up a few to share with you:


  1. Mashed potatoes, because "Big Thief" got to know mashed potatoes and fell in love with mashed potatoes. I learned to eat from the beginning, and finally fell in love with mashed potatoes;


  2. The coffee mill that can sing, was always regarded as the mark of "grandma" by the dampness when he was a child, and the dampness of the young and ignorant knew what to see and think about people;


  3. In the first episode, when the big thief Hosenbrotz recalled the past, every word he said made big wet tears run away;


  4. Da Shi is a big thief, he is not afraid of anything, he lives in a more comfortable life, he is happy all day. The song that has been sung for a long, long, long time is still;


   5. Learned YY


   (Spiritual Victory Method)


   The dark wind of this film is also a highlight. Compared with the previous dark animations, this film is slightly relaxed, not heavy, and not so scary. The magician who loves to eat mashed potatoes is still quite cute!


   Personal rating: perfect score, dark index: ★★★


   Shanghai Art Film Studio has many classic animations in the last century, "Snow Child" is one of them.


The first time I saw this cartoon was a long, long time ago. In my memory, I watched it once and cried once. The story is very simple. The story of a snowman who gave up himself for a rabbit and was melted. Whenever "snowflakes, snowflakes" sounded with a familiar melody, It is always moving.


No matter from which angle the film is viewed, it is reasonable to say that there is no dark wind, but when I was young, I always felt a little uneasy and unbearable in my heart. In the first half of the film, the scenes of the rabbit and the snow child getting along with each other are always a bit different. It’s very comfortable. The inexplicable sense of diaphragm becomes more and more obvious in the second half of the film. After the snowman melts, the fresh water stains and the scene of looking up at the clouds at the end of the film can not help but make the young wet think a lot. Regarding the question of whereabouts of life and death, it is like an endless loop, with only fear.


   Many domestic classic cartoons in my impression have not been written about. Like the black wind mother-in-law in "Son of the Sun", the snake spirit in "Gourd Baby" etc... it left a deep shadow on many adult wet masters in their childhood. Come and tell Da Shi what other classic domestic black wind animations or excellent domestic animations you have seen? Communicate with more wet masters and let good things spread!