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It’s been a while! With every long absence, I consider taking this site down but I’m not quite ready to let it go. I still wear clothes and occasionally photograph outfits, but it stops there.

Last year, we moved to a new state – Utah! The weather is amazing and there are four, distinct seasons. It’s glorious! Major props to bloggers in humid climates that create content year round. The weather in Houston definitely contributed to my lack of updates. But in a new place, with a new year fast approaching – who knows what the future holds?

Top – Old Navy, 3x / Cardigan – Ava & Viv, 3x / Jeans – Torrid, 28 / Hat – handknit by me, pattern: Beau Cloche by Natalie Larson / Necklace – Mesa Blue via Etsy / Boots – Walking Cradles “Kicker”

Just when I feel like I have my personal style figured out, it changes. By now, this shouldn’t be a surprise, but it always is. The last year or two, I’ve seen a shift in my wardrobe to less color, less pattern, more texture, small details, simple jewelry and more outfits with pants than I ever thought possible. Pants are still my least favorite item of clothing but there is something special about a good pair of jeans.

The added bonus of a new climate is being able to wear lots of hand knits. I’ve been knitting for over 10 years but this is my first time living in a city with 4 seasons. It really opens up the knitwear opportunities! This hat is one of my most recent finished projects. The giant bow makes me feel equal parts cute and ridiculous – it’s a good balance.

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  1. Annie says: Reply

    Hi there – love your colour combo. Found you via your Ravelry page, I like your style and have often thought that I should create a style of my own which I am happy with rather than just buying and wearing bog standard clothes. So – a new year beckons and I am going to make it one of my aims for 2017. I too am a plus size lady and it can be hard to get the comfort/style look right. Thanks for making me say this out loud (you know what I mean). Please don’t disappear from blogging.

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Hi Annie,

      Thank you! I do know what you mean. That is such a fantastic goal! Best of luck finding your personal style in the new year.

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