Time to reinvent

The roof door
I would give a lot to get onto the roof of our building. In (almost) a year of living here, this is the first time I’ve seen it cracked open, beckoning with sliver of light. It’s like an invitation to push through and see what is on the other side. Sadly, someone was working outside and I couldn’t take a peek.

This moment felt similar to where we are right now. Dreaming and moving forward, as we get ready for bigger and better things. Like preparing for another move! Decluttering and organizing are on the brain. Nothing is safe!

Plus size maxi dress and lace crop top

Dress – Ashley Stewart (old)
Lace crop top – Torrid
Sandals – Birkenstocks
Bracelets – Margaret Elizabeth

Plus size maxi dress and lace crop top

My style has changed a lot over the last seven years (this blog is five – time flies!). I’ve pushed my boundaries of fashion and comfort over and over again, and bought clothing to achieve that. Unfortunately, I have kept a lot of it.

There were ~10 small moving boxes from Home Depot, filled with clothes, sitting in our storage unit. Another one with shoes, another with belts and a giant box of coats that I’ve rarely needed since moving to Texas. Some items I meant to keep, others were destined to be swapped, sold or donated.

I moved a bunch of it from California and into this place, our second apartment in Texas. But not again! Please, not again.

Plus size maxi dress and lace crop top

It’s time to reinvent. My style has changed drastically and I’ve spent the last two years making more conscious decisions about how I spend money. I’m trying to be as ruthless as possible – clothes are clothes – but it’s hard. The amount of stuff with tags is embarrassing y’all.

The idea of starting fresh is tempting… but costly, and unlikely.

Since this is a plus size fashion blog… I snagged this lace crop top from Torrid to add another layer of interest to my outfits this summer, without getting too hot or adding bulk with a cardigan. High temperatures and humidity is not a combination to mess with! They didn’t have my usual size in stock, so I took a chance on a size two and was pleasantly surprised. Plus, the fabric quality/cut was much better than I expected.

With the current state of plus size fashion (and a decent budget), would you be able to get rid of everything and start fresh?

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  1. Meg says: Reply

    Yes… in a heartbeat! I’d welcome the change to display on the outside the reinvention that has taken place on the inside, but sadly with our limited income it just isn’t possible.

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      That’s such a wonderful reason. It might not happen at once but you’ll get there!

  2. Olivia says: Reply

    Oh heeyyyy stranger!

    I’ve thought about selling it all off and starting afresh, I really would like to. I have a ridiculous emotional attachment to my clothes though. Any tips??? xx

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      I hear you on emotional attachment! I don’t think I’ve gotten rid of enough to start dispensing advice yet, ha. If I could forget what it all cost, I’d be a happy girl!

  3. Kym says: Reply

    Hello, good to see you back! I love the outfit, and yes I can see the changes through the years. It is all good you always look beautiful! I would think about purging my clothes I am just waiting to see what size. I am hoping I end up with my favorite stuff!! I know you laugh.

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