OOTD: Swan song

It is hard to believe that it has been almost three whole months since my last post! Oops. Time flies when you’re having fun? But here I am, again – with an outfit!

OOTD: Swan song

Blouse: eShakti,”Swan print chiffon top”, custom size
Skirt: eShakti, “Her fifties colorblock skirt”, custom size
Cardigan: Old Navy, XXL
Shoes: Steve Madden, via Barefoot Tess, size 11
Earrings/bracelet: gifts from family
Hat: Target, Summer 2013

I’ve been blessed to meet a bunch of great people in Houston. I feel like I’ve known them for several years… but in reality, it’s only been a little over one year! Why is this relevant?

These women inspire me in various ways. Some of them are amazing crafters, that inspire me to finish my own projects. Others are go-getters, that set goals, get shit done and generally kick ass. Some are so nice and sweet, I start to wonder why they’re friends with me… Or all of the above! Either way, these ladies are awesome and I am proud to call them friends.

OOTD: Swan song

OOTD: Swan song

OOTD: Swan song

I think most of them read my blog on occasion, and have made subtle hints that I need to update… but the one that stuck in my mind is:

“Bitch, you need to update your blog!”

Each time I wear something awesome, her voice runs through my head. It’s kind of hilarious. Since the weather is cooling down, I decided to stop, snap some pictures and update my blog – as ordered. Mission accomplished!

OOTD: Swan song

OOTD: Swan song

My eShakti pieces have been getting a lot of wear lately, especially this skirt. I’ve wanted it for ages, and finally took the plunge this summer. I think I’ve worn it four times in the last two weeks. The custom sizing is off on both pieces, but they’re wearable. One of these days I’ll bring my pile of clothes to the tailor… but until then, I’ll manage.

Speaking of managing… I’ve finally managed to make my mark – a blue (ink?) smudge on one of the white stripes… doh! Maybe it’s time for a visit to the dry cleaner?

Anything with an animal print catches my attention these days, so I paired my beloved skirt with the printed blouse. A little quirky pattern mixing never hurt anybody!

How you do you feel about the animal prints popping up lately? Love it or leave it?

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  1. Ais says: Reply

    I’ve got an animal print clutch (snakeskin, actually), but that’s about it for animal prints. I think it’s one of those “if I find a piece I love” things, because these trends come and go so quickly, and I want something I’ll enjoy wearing long-term even after it’s officially labelled “out of style”.

    Very cute outfit in today’s post, looks great. Nice shot showing off that ice on your finger, too :D

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      I was thinking of a way to specify between “animal prints” and animal print, but failed – ha! I love all the tops, sweaters, etc. plastered with whimsical animals. I have a shirt covered in tiny elephants, a cardigan embroidered with whales, etc.

      You are totally right – trends come and go. Picking items that work in your wardrobe long term is definitely a smart move! It seems like trends recycle so quickly these days, that they don’t really go “out of style” and carry on from season to season? I mean, by time they’re watered down to RTW collections for the masses, high fashion is over it – but the rest of us carry on!

  2. Liz says: Reply

    Yay – a post! I’ve been on the lookout!

    I love that skirt! Anthropologie made a similar style in sizes XS/S and M/L, neither of which was going to fit me…but THIS I could do. I’ll have to check and see if it’s still in stock.

    I love the “animal prints” abound lately. They’re so whimsical and quirky. You styled the animal print and stripes together well; the black, white, and red is a great color combo on you, too!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Liz!

      I think the skirt is still in stock… they have it in navy/cream and mustard/cream too. I had a Pokemon moment (gotta catch ’em all) but resisted.

  3. Great outfit! I’m all about animal prints, all the time. I can’t help it – I just always gravitate toward them. I’m loving your skirt, too. My other weakness is black and white stripes!


  4. Jeny Math says: Reply

    You updated your blog, bitch! hahaha. Although I can’t take credit for that text, I’m glad you did it – your posts are always awesome. In other news, I love that shirt.

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      I dunno, you’re crafty like that. So nice and innocent… but maybe you’re manipulating us to do your will!

      Thanks! <3 The shirt is more awesome than I expected. When I first tried it on, I hated it. It buttons down the front and it is crooked? But it works well tucked in!

  5. Gorgeous skirt. You look so lovely in that outfit. <3<3<3

  6. Love, love, love this outfit. And may I say, Bitch! You look fantastic! (I adore any reason to curse). xoxo

  7. Kath says: Reply

    I’m glad to see you blogging again hon. Love this outfit, you always look so beautifully put together.

    I love animal prints – particularly animals that aren’t usually used for prints.

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Kath! That is a great way to sum it up. I have similar feeling re: animals that aren’t usually used for prints.

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