OOTD: Yellow & Warby Parker

While I love my giant cat-eye glasses, I never meant for them to be worn every day.

Getting my new prescription made me realize that there was a huge difference between the new & old. I have a couple of pairs that I used to swap between but it was giving me migraines. Womp, womp. Though I can’t give up my (old prescription) sunglasses quite yet…

Feeling good (and being able to see stuff) is more important than vanity or fashion, any day… so I’ve been sporting these until I can get a new “every day” pair. It isn’t too much trouble.

OOTD: Yellow & Warby Parker

Dress: “Zigzag print cotton halter dress” from eShakti, size 28
Cardigan: Old Navy, XXL
Bracelets: Margaret Elizabeth
Necklace: F21
Shoes: Steve Madden, via Barefoot Tess, size 11

OOTD: Yellow & Warby Parker

A few months back, Chris and I tried out Warby Parker’s offerings, with some success. They have a great (free) home try-on program that lets you try before you buy… and that’s a must for me when it comes to buying glasses. We were skeptical that they wouldn’t be great for wide/fat faces, but both of us found glasses that fit – some were even too wide!

I got my own box this time, to try the ones I liked the first round and a few others. Chris picked his on the first box. I think his look pretty cute, but I’m biased. You might get a peek of his new glasses in my next post…

It seems like I’ve tried on every pair of glasses at Costco, Sam’s, Walmart, Sears, etc. and can’t find the perfect combination of price, feel and appearance.

OOTD: Yellow & Warby Parker

Left to right – Warby Parker, ‘Nedwin’ in Summer Green, ‘Marshall’ in Rum Cherry, and ‘Langston’ in Whiskey Tortoise Matte. Without an anti-glare coat, they are a little hard to photograph!

Maybe one of these? I haven’t decided yet. I love the idea of colored frames, but since I started wearing glasses in high school, my frames have been black or dark brown. Colors that don’t contrast as much with my face throw me off. The prices vary a bit, but most of the ones I’m looking at are around ~$100 a pair. As someone without vision insurance, it’s a great price. I remember the last time I lost my glasses (with insurance) and had to pay out of pocket to buy new ones… ouch!

OOTD: Yellow & Warby Parker

Some of you might be wondering when I’ll stop talking about glasses and get to the dress…

I have a major love/hate relationship with eShakti. I love their dresses. They are normally great quality, use decent fabrics and arrive in a decent time for something custom made. However, my experience with their customer service department has been and continues to be awful. And it baffles me.

My willpower when it comes to cute dresses isn’t what it could be, so I decided to pick up a couple of things in their recent sale. One being this “Zigzag print cotton halter dress” from their “overstock” category. It is seriously one of the best things I’ve bought from them, ever. I am still trying to decide why my regular purchases of a size 28 (off the rack) do not correspond with this size 28 (supposedly off the rack) but that will continue to be a mystery.

Right now, eShakti has a buy 3, get 40% off sale until July 15th. If you’re a new customer, it stacks with this $40 of $55 coupon – AWEL8079.

OOTD: Yellow & Warby Parker

Summer is alive and well in Houston. The humidity has behaved – for now, but cotton dresses, cardigans and capri leggings have been a blessing. This outfit is a good example of my summer uniform:

A cotton dress, bike shorts/capris for comfort, cute flats and a cotton cardigan to avoid sunburn and/or save me from over air-conditioned spaces. I try to top it off with simple accessories, like a pendant and bracelet. I leave my bulkier or fussy jewelry for cooler days.

I feel like I wear the same clothes all the time. You can see lots of a certain green dress on my Instagram… It’s just too hot for anything with polyester!

Do you prefer clothing made out of natural fabrics? What is your summer “uniform”?

Disclosure: The above eShakti coupon is a referral code. My account will be credited $30 if a new customer uses it. All thoughts/opinions regarding both companies are my own and I did not receive any other compensation for posting this information.

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  1. Cathie says: Reply

    I love that dress, especially with the blue cardigan. I just got some cute glasses from Clearly Contacts. They have a “get your first pair free” deal on right now. It’s fun to upload your photo & virtually try on glasses!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thank you Cathie! I’ve tried a similar company (for the cat-eye glasses) but deals are always good. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Mel says: Reply

    Great outfit, especially the dress. Love the colours. <3 You look amazing.

    Love, Mel xoxo

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Mel!

  3. You look SO pretty…I love the combo of blue and yellow, very cheerful and crisp. Adorable :)

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thank you Kayleigh!

  4. You’re so cute. That dress is gorgeous on you. You said it didn’t match your other items in a 28. Do they usually run large or small? Might have to get some things soon :)

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      I buy based on my measurements and it works okay so far. I usually choose the size based on which part of the dress might cause an issue. Fit & flare dresses, I buy based on the waist (28). Sheath dresses, I size up for my hips (30).

      The fit issues I have are with the shoulders, sleeves, torso length, etc. Off-the-rack is hit and miss, straps/shoulders are usually a little too big but fixable. The same areas on my custom orders are usually comically large – think 80s princess poof sleeves, etc. I have better luck with off-the-rack orders than custom.

  5. My experience with eshakti is that most of their stuff runs small. Except for the last batch I ordered, in which the dress was pretty much how it always fits and the tops were ginormous. Also, I am on the “their customer service is for shit” train. I may try custom sizing next time.

    I like the third pair in the pic for every-day type glasses, but I like the color of the green ones. Also, your bracelet is gorgeous!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Jennifer from eShakti responded to one of my tweets about this post and resolved my current issues. It sounds like they’re taking a close look at their customer service, so things might be improving for the better.

      I’ve also heard from friends that their custom sizing is getting much, much better. I’m going to try it again as well! My previous experiences haven’t been so great.

  6. …also, since I got distracted…my summer uniform is about the same as yours. Dress. Bike shorts. Sandals. Sometimes a cardigan. I have worn pants like once in the last month. I have been rather fond of maxi skirts (specifically, the Chameleon skirt/dress from Kiyonna). I live in Oklahoma City, so it’s boiling-ass hot here too…although it’s not as humid as Houston. I grew up there, and summers were just ugly (especially in a polyester work uniform in a car with broken A/C and vinyl seats….)

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      I wore pants over the weekend (rolled up) and was asking myself, “WHYYYY?” by the end of the day – ha! Answer – Laundry fail. All my bike shorts/capri leggings were dirty.

      I might have to check out the Chameleon skirt. I haven’t tried too many things from Kiyonna.

      This summer is surprisingly mild in terms of heat/humidity, but it is raining like crazy every couple of days. I think I control it with my mind. When I think, “Nicole, you need to wash your car”, a new storm rolls in…

  7. C says: Reply

    That dress looks fantastic on you. I think yellow is probably the color I wear the very least but I like it a lot on other people. I think our summer uniforms are very similar – dress & a cardigan. Sometimes it’s the best you can do!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks! I completely agree. Yellow is my lest worn color too. I adore it on other people but feel weird wearing it for some reason. Mustard I can do, but bright or pastel shades… eh.

      Guess I need to get over that since I bought this yellow dress (and another) on impulse.

  8. I love yellow and blue together. That eshakti dress is sweet — you are not the first to say their customer service sucks. Very cool way to shop for glasses. Personally I love the red frames and the ones in the last pic. Cute.

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Moe! I am still on the fence about the frames but I really appreciate the input!

      I wish there was a glare coating on the try-on pairs. The weird reflections are distracting. My “ideal” pair of glasses is a combo of all three.

  9. Yay! I finally added your site to my Bloglovin’! I ADORE this dress and I just love your style – you have inspired me to buy more jewelry (how fantastic is that necklace)!

    My summer uniform is long dresses because it is way to hot here in Texas to be wearing pants. Ick.

    Also, I totally want to try this glasses service.

  10. Kym says: Reply

    Hi, I love the outfit! I like the third and then the first of the glasses. You look like summer.

  11. TeachFlees says: Reply

    Love the look! I’ve been wanting to buy shoes from Barefoot Tess and I was wondering they run true to size?

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Hi Elizabeth,

      In my experience, their sizing fluctuates from style to style. Especially for their in-house brand. Each shoe has a section for reviews, or a recommendation – true to size, buy a size up, size down, etc. and I’ve found that they are pretty accurate. The name brand shoes like Steve Madden, Jeffrey Campbell, etc. seem to be more consistent in sizing.

  12. Olivia says: Reply

    Helllloooo cutie!!

    I always try first with glasses as well. The head to glasses ratio is so hard to get right with a fat face like mine! ;) xx

  13. Berlyn says: Reply

    You are adorable, that last picture just cracks me up! All the glasses look great on you but the cat’s eye take the cake (I could be biased because they’re cat’s eye though haha). I’m going to have to try me some Warby Parker now, I like the try-and-buy thing.

    The colour combo of your outfit is perfect, it reminds me of sunshine on a cloudless day, and that dress is killer on you. Love your bracelet too, it’s so pretty!

    My summer uniform is t shirts and shorts or cotton dresses. I definitely need more dresses

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