Outside My Comfort Zone: 7 – Geek Chic

Time for another Outside My Comfort Zone!

This challenge features 11 (!!!) bloggers, brought together by Rachel, of Happyness Magnet.

“This week”, Gail was in charge of the theme and she choose “Geek Chic”. I’m a week behind on posting.


Summer has definitely arrived in Texas. This caused a little problem with my outfit(s) for the challenge because it isn’t possible to wear polyester with the lethal heat + humidity combination. So, I improvised with something in a natural fabric, but this outfit ended up very much in my comfort zone and something I’ve totally worn before.

Challenge fail? Maybe. But an important lesson: Don’t suffer for fashion. Trying new things is great, but feeling comfortable is also important!

Outside My Comfort Zone: 7 - Geek Chic

Dress – eShakti, 28
Cardigan – Old Navy, XXL
Leggings – Torrid, 3
Necklace – F21
Pumps – Softspots, “Mischa”, 10W, via 6pm

Outside My Comfort Zone: 7 - Geek Chic

My style sometimes leans toward retro silhouettes, with a geeky twist. Full skirts, cardigans buttoned at the top and/or using sweater clips, quirky jewelry, etc. I’m told I dress like a librarian or teacher a lot. More so with these cat-eye glasses… I was hoping the weather would cool down enough for a do-over, but summer is here and 100+ days aren’t far behind. Yuck!

It didn’t even occur to me (til now) that I could have stolen one of Chris’ game nerd t-shirts and called it a day. Damn. Most of my “Geek Chic” outfit ideas ran towards lots of layers and some of my favorite thrift store pieces… which wasn’t working.

Outside My Comfort Zone: 7 - Geek Chic

Chris and I are getting ready to visit California next week. I’ll be there for work, but I’m also really excited to see my family and friends! It’s been too long.

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What are your plans for the summer?

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  1. Leah says: Reply

    I love the cardi. I need a hot pink cardi in my life! The glasses necklace is uber cute too. I was going to nick one of my hubby’s t-shirts – the geekiest one he has from some LAN party about 10 years ago – but I couldn’t find it, gah!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Leah! I wish I had bought the cardigans in every color… 100% cotton, great cut and they were ~$5 on sale, with a coupon. I had to stop myself at three… but I’m regretting it. ;)

      My boyfriend has a couple of video game t-shirts… I’ve stolen one as a sleep shirt, but it’s covered in bleach.

  2. Adorable. And the minis match your frames. Did you do that on purpose? It’s funny when I was younger I shied away from pink but it is so appealing now.

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Moe! I did wear the necklace on purpose… it was the only element of my planned outfit(s) that I could wear that day.

      Pink was always my nemesis but after high school, I started to love it. I claimed I was a tomboy from middle to high school, so I suppose that’s why I hated pink.

  3. Love your outfit. The cardi is so cute. <3 The necklace reminds me about some earrings I've worn in the early 90th. :)


  4. Sian says: Reply

    I think you’re totally right, fashion is about fun and exploration, there is really no need to make yourself suffer for it.

    I love the colours in this outfit. I never wear navy because I find it hard to match colours with it, but the pink is just perfect here! Your glasses necklace is very cute and I adore your actual glasses. :)

  5. You look absolutely gorgeous! Loving all the bright colours, and how adorable is that necklace?!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Corrine. I am in love with your blog name – too cute!

  6. Sorry this comment is a bit late, I love the dress and the necklace is so cute. x

  7. Too cute! I love the pink and navy. c:

    1. Nicole says: Reply


  8. Debbie D. Eastin says: Reply

    Your dress is so cute!

  9. What an adorable ensemble…I just love your sense of style! So glad I found this blog — been scrolling thru and enjoying your outfits. That pink cardi just makes you glow, it’s the perfect shade for you :)

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Kayleigh! I’m glad you found the blog. I used to hate pink – but now I love it!

  10. Kym says: Reply

    My comment is super late, had to say you are beautiful as always. I was waiting for your hate of pink to be on me. Your outfit is fun, yes maybe a sexy teacher or librarian. My summer is to be full of cheap fun what ever that maybe!! Love you

  11. That dress is so pretty. eShakti is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me this year. You do geek chic well!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Bethany! I have a love/hate relationship with eShakti. Currently leaning toward love – ha!

  12. This is so beyond CUTE!!! Love it :)! And it’s all good to stay in your comfort zone once in awhile (after all, it’s adorbs)

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Mary! <3

  13. Helen Graham says: Reply

    You look lovely and I adore the dress. Navy blue and pink…great combination!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Helen!

  14. Vicky says: Reply

    Hi! I have only recently found your blog following my joining the OMCZ Challenge this time around. I love your style! xx

  15. Tina says: Reply

    I love your outfit! I love your glasses even more! Please tell mev where you got them, I need them in my life ASAP!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Tina! The frames are Derek Cardigan from Zenni or Coastal.

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