OOTD: Crafternoon Delight

Once a month, I host a “crafternoon” event for some of my friends. It is a social, crafty gathering, where we get together, make stuff and chat. It’s pretty awesome… but I’m not biased or anything. This is what I wore for a laid back Saturday!

OOTD: Crafternoon Delight

Denim shirt – Pure Energy, via Target, 4 (“present” from Chris)
T-shirt – Avenue, 26/28
Skirt – Evans, UK 30
Ring – Cato
Sandals – Clarks, “Caslynn Paula“, 11M

OOTD: Crafternoon Delight

I’ve always been a creative person, but in the last few years “responsibilities” get in the way of hobbies. It isn’t that I don’t have time – I do, but it’s easier to put off things that don’t pay the rent, you know? Or prioritize sleep, getting outside, visiting friends, etc.

So what if Chris won’t get his handknit socks for another year… To be fair – he knows that it takes about two years, which is how long it took me to knit and send a pair to the friend who introduced us. But really, who needs handknit socks in Texas anyway?

I’ll finish them… someday.

Being around other creative people inspires me, so this once a month get-together is perfect – visiting with friends and crafts! The added bonus is productivity – the more time I spent around other creative people, the more I get done. Win, win!

OOTD: Crafternoon Delight

This outfit was chosen for comfort. Summer is creeping up on us, but it’s still cool in the morning, warmer in the the afternoon and definitely unpredictable. I love maxi dresses and skirts because they are perfect for anything! Except for the fact that I’m a klutz.

Today I tripped over a shelf in CVS, after getting my skirt caught and then I drove around with my skirt hanging out of the car door. A neighbor informed me of that when I went to get the mail. At least it wasn’t raining, right?

Despite my tendency to trip (which let’s be real – happens anyway), maxi’s are comfortable and versatile. Especially skirts like this one in a jersey knit. It’s like fancy pajamas. Unfortunately, knits aren’t a great medium for pleats. I have a poor track record with washing them… and then the pleats fall out. What’s up with that?

OOTD: Crafternoon Delight

OOTD: Crafternoon Delight

I ditched 11 pairs of shoes this spring for various offenses. Many of them were just too old, worn out and hurt my feet. Just because they still look cute does not mean my feet have to suffer! It took me a few outings to remember why I started investing in good shoes. Blisters aren’t worth it!

After my purge, I noticed that I was lacking in the sandal department. Since summer in Texas lasts from now until December, I wear them a lot! I remembered to have Chris take a picture of my new summer sandals (also featured in my last post, just hidden) – the “Caslynn Paula” from Clarks, in black. Which are surprisingly comfortable (they have a fancy “ortho” sole), well made, easy to walk in and cute.

Normally, I don’t do well with tall shoes, but I haven’t had any issues with these. The tripping mentioned above was actually done in flats. I’m special like that. They come in black, nude and grey. I wish they had a tan/cognac because I would have snapped those up too. They retail for $109, which is pricey but I got mine for 20% off and they are worth every penny. I’d trade 4 pairs of Target sandals for a pair of these any day!

OOTD: Crafternoon Delight

P.S. I got Chris to take these by promising I’d post them tonight (which basically never happens, and he makes fun of me). BAM! Done.

Have you made any summer purchases? What’s your favorite summer footwear?

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  1. Ais says: Reply

    Creative all around then; crafting, posing, pictures, and a blog outfit of the day. I’m amazed your skirt survived all that stuff and still looked as nice as it did. From a fellow klutz, I salute your ability to look fab despite having a bit of a tumble (I always seem to tear something).

    My grandmother knew how to keep pleats; when something came out of the washer she immediately hung it up and let it air dry. She would smooth down it, which helped the pleats form again. If something was really stubborn, she’d reshape the pleats and then either iron them in, or steam it. Good luck :)

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      I’m lucky that I never really injure myself or ruin clothing when being a klutz. Maybe the occasional snag or wardrobe malfunction, but nothing major.

      I usually wash pleated stuff on delicate (or handwash, depending on the fabric) then hang dry/reshape, kind of like you describe. I haven’t mastered the art of ironing the pleats back into place… especially with the tiny micro pleats. I iron one pleat… and flatten out several others, ha!

      I keep telling myself I’ll get them dry cleaned – so they can deal with it, but that hasn’t happened yet. ;)

  2. Leah says: Reply

    That shirt is frigging amazing! Cute outfit.

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Leah! I was super excited to snag one. They don’t stock a lot of plus size stuff in our store. Wish I could have found the floral one too!

  3. I agree with Ais about the pleats…you have to kind of reshape them wet and not dry them. You can tie something around the bottom of the skirt while it’s drying (like a scarf – something that won’t leave a dent) to keep the pleats together. (This is also a good technique for the “broomstick” style skirts.)

    I’m a big fan of Clarks for sandals, as well. I have a style called Un.Crow that are the best-fitting sandals I own, and I’ve had them for three years and they’re not even worn out. Also, Crocs. These in particular. I live in them. I’m in Oklahoma City, so I feel your pain on summer footwear! I’m also a huge fan of Sanuk and Chaco flip flops, which I will wear whenever I can get away with it.

    I love the denim with the skirt – very unexpected, but adorable. And I also am absolutely in love with your glasses.

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      I’ve tried the reshaping, but obviously my technique could use some work! Haha. I might try banding the bottom together – sounds like that tip might help. Thank you!

      Clarks are awesome! Most of my favorite shoes are from them. The lines that focus on more support/comfort are amazing. I wish the US stores carried more of the cute stuff they have in the UK!

  4. PS – I have driven to work multiple times with a skirt hanging out of the car. I’ve also had the skirt catch on my seat adjustment lever and rip and/or trip me. I’ve tripped walking out of my bathroom – twice – and ended up in the ER with a sprained ankle. You’re not the only one, is what I’m saying. :)

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Oh, I’ve definitely done it before. Like wearing a maxi dress on a rainy, winter day… and driving around with my skirt hanging out. By time I got to my destination, half my skirt was soaked and it was so heavy that I couldn’t walk without it falling down! That was pretty awesome.

      Being a klutz has (fortunately, knock on wood)not led me to injury yet. I’m sorry that you ended up in the ER! That’s awful.

  5. I LOVE those sandals! I am always on the lookout for comfy but stylish sandals and those are it!

    Love the whole look – the chambray shirt is so fun with the pleated skirt!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Crystal! I wish they had them in a dark brown. I’m debating buying another pair, haha. The nude ones are a weird color, but I might see about having them dyed. The shoes are soooo comfy, and I can actually walk in them – so it might be worth it!

  6. I love that shirt! I actually almost bought it the other day but I put it back and have regretted it since. This is inspiring me to invest in good shoes, which is something I know I have to do eventually…

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Michelle! It is definitely cute. I wish I could have found the floral one too. I always put stuff back at Target and know how you feel. It is a dangerous store!

      Good shoes are so worth the investment! I used to go through pairs of $20 shoes so quickly. The shoes break down and wear out, and my feet would be blistered/aching all the time. I thought that was normal!

      But then I bought my first pair of $50 (super sale) nice, supportive shoes and never went back. Spending $100 on shoes seems like insanity, but when they last me 3+ years, versus ~6 months (or less) on a pair of Payless or Target shoes… it seems like a no-brainer!

  7. Kate says: Reply

    I sooooo wish i had seen this post sooner. I’ve been trying to find a shirt like that for ages, i also love the skirt. Tried both the target and evans website and couldn’t find either :(

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