Five Take: Pastels

It’s allllliiiiiiiiiive. By it, I mean me.

Well, I made it to Texas. This will be my… third week of apartment living. I have lots to post and share (what’s new) but getting settled in and figuring out my new schedule (work, blah, blah) kind of took priority over anything else. Sorry blog!

Plus recovering from hauling/moving/unpacking all my CRAP to a second floor apartment. And I even had help!

Five Take: Pastels

Shirt – One Stop Plus
Skirt – Webster for Target, 4x
Shoes – Clarks, 11
Belt – Torrid, 4
Jewelry – Miscellaneous stuff I re-discovered while packing.

Anyway, I’m here to FINALLY post a Five Take (slacker that I am). Last weekend, I was set to do the Chevron challenge we had scheduled. I checked Twitter for giggles in the morning… only to see that it got changed! Really, this was no big deal because it was Memorial Day weekend and yeah, I had other things to do.

The idea behind Five Take is pretty simple. One theme, five peopleā€¦ resulting in five different looks. The only restriction is having to shop from our closets. Sounds easy enough, right?

This week? Pastels.

I’m not a pastel kind of girl. I love bold, bright colors. My wardrobe is massive and I left a lot of stuff in California… but there are very, very few pastel items. I thought I had the rainbow (and then some) covered, but apparently not. Surprised? Me too. I didn’t want to miss another week, so I started digging through my last few boxes (ran out of hangers, see question above) and found a few items I wasn’t too enthusiastic about.

Most of them were things that I thought, “Wow, why did I pack this?” Which made me panic… just a bit.

Five Take: Pastels

Five Take: Pastels

Five Take: Pastels

I settled on this shirt – the best of the bunch, which I actually wore last year for INDD. It seemed like the best option for the day, aside from the fact that it I prefer to wear it with a strapless bra… which can be a pain in the ass. And the fact that we’re twinsies, or close enough, color-wise. I have the same shirt in black and the contrast works better, ha ha.

It turned out to be perfect for a warm day, out and about and coffee with a friend!

I tried my hardest to NOT default to wearing it tucked into a high waisted skirt, with a belt. I still have the skirt and belt but wearing it in this unusual (for me) place – my waist! I KNOW.

It was awkward, but I survived.

Let’s talk about the skirt. Guys, I was surprised that Target actually did one of their designer collections in plus sizes. I’ve been out of the loop, but did any of you hear about it before the release?

When ordering a few things for the new apartment… I “fell” into the clothing department, saw the Webster stuff and found myself browsing to see if any of it ran big. Then to my shock, some of the pieces were available in plus!

The skirt is 100% cotton, navy floral eyelet and lined. It is cut with a slight flare and has very shallow pockets. But pockets are better than no pockets! It looks pretty well made and out of good cotton fabric – compared to some of the Pure Energy line. The elastic waistband is a little bulky for my tastes, but it is pretty much what you’d expect.

The prints in the Webster line weren’t all to my taste. Only a handful of pieces were available in plus sizes, this was the only one that I liked. If they had made the whole collection in plus, I would have tried a few more! The downside, of course, is that plus sizes are only available online. Hey Target! I want to try on my clothes in a store too!

This is my exaggerated: “I don’t know what I’m doing!” face/pose?

Five Take: Pastels


The photo spot – yay or nay? It is possibly my new default (aka close to the apartment and NOT the balcony/hallway) but Chris questions my judgement. You’d think he would have learned by now…

As far as pastels go, I like color, even the muted ones – so I could be convinced to try and incorporate them into my wardrobe, especially the blues and greens. But at the end of the day… bright colors will always hold a special place in my heart.

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Is pastel a trend you’d try? What colors do you prefer?

P.S. I missed you all! Thanks for sticking around.

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  1. Oh I missed you! I’m so glad you’re back! I actually checked your blog this morning as I thought my blog reader had cacked itself and wasn’t updating!

    Gorgeous skirt and top. I’m the same as you – can’t wear pink or cream up top as I become invisible or just too blended. Rainbow forever, huh?

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Aww, thanks Michelle! I can’t wait to catch up on your blog and see what you’ve been up to.

      Yes! Rainbow forever.

  2. I have a super-pale complexion, so I don’t go anywhere pastels. That top is cute, though! And I like the sidewalk photo location.

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Lindley! I’m glad I bought the top in black too – it works better with my pasty skin, haha.

  3. Kym says: Reply

    Welcome back !!! I just called to nag and you said you posted and saved yourself!!!!!! I know you have been very busy, but love to see your post. I loved the back ground, a little tame for you, but looked great. I liked the skirt but I agree you need color. Tell Chris I am sorry, spot is nice. I am looking forward to your next post!!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Mom. Your comment made me cry this morning because I’m a dork!

  4. Liz says: Reply

    I have super-pale/pink complexion too, but I’m in love with pastels and wear them even though they probably do wash me out a bit. I like your top because the sweetheart cut looks sweet in the pale pink color. As for your photo locale, I think it’s lovely. All of my photo outfits are taken in random spots in my house. I should probably move it outside to my jungle of a yard. And then also tame my jungle of a yard… I’m glad you’re back!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Liz! I don’t like the idea of not trying (or wearing) things just because of some arbitrary rule. Washed out, un-flattering, etc… or not!

      I’m a natural light junkie. I used to take a lot of pictures in the backyard but I never really had a decent place to take pictures inside. A hallway was the closest thing… and that got old – fast! The house was really dark and surrounded by trees, so there wasn’t a whole lot of light when I needed it.

  5. WHOOO! Welcome back lady! Good to see you have moved in well. I really like the skirt.

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