Five Take: Geometric

This moving stuff is throwing me through a loop… but that is (more or less) just an excuse! Packing stresses me out, so I’m trying to take breaks in between – especially breaks far, far away from the computer and outside the house.

This Five Take outfit is from last week’s challenge – Geometric. My mom and I planned on seeing Mirror Mirror, and this is what I wore. I forgot to have my brother snap pictures until after sunset, so we took them in the backyard with very little time and light.

Sorry for the awkward, rushed pictures. Such is life!

Five Take: Geometric

“Top” – Avenue sundress, 26/28, old
Tank – Avenue, 26/28
Skirt – handmade, thrifted/altered
Flats – Clarks
Necklace – Claire’s
Belt – Lane Bryant, 26/28, here.
Lipstick – MAC, Girl About Town

We technically didn’t make it to the movies that night. We missed one showing and decided to eat dinner before heading to the 9:40. After dinner, salad and a gluten free pizza (that didn’t taste like crap, amazing!), we had an hour to kill. What better place to spend an hour? Target.

My mom and I have a complicated relationship with Target. When I was a kid, we kind of joked that it was impossible to walk out without spending $100. Every. Single. Time. As an adult, I’ve come to realize that it is true, it is a CURSE – so I try my best to stay away. But I guess we broke it, even combining our purchases, we spent less! Small victories.

Five Take: Geometric

As it turned out, we overshot our “browsing” by 30 minutes and missed the 9:40 showing too, but agreed to go the next afternoon (and made it, thankfully). Good thing we made the stop – I bought a top at Target and wore it the next day to avoid wearing the exact same outfit. Ha!

Hopefully I’ll be on time for Five Take this week. I’m supposed to go out to help my mom with Easter preparation after work tomorrow night and I’ll have to make the post from there! This is how I feel lately:

Five Take: Geometric

Spazzing, or something.

After my closet purge, I realized that the geometric prints I thought about wearing for this post didn’t make the cut. I’ve been pretty ruthless with my closet clean out and still plan on going back through everything before taping the boxes shut.

This outfit (and post) made me realize that I absolutely loathe too big or ill-fitting cardigans, so that is more stuff that can go. If I wear a cardigan, 99% of the time it is open. Cardigans that “fit” when buttoned, look sloppy when un-buttoned. Such a dilemma!

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  1. Cute outfit. I like the color of your lipstick too.

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Moe!

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