Five Take: 1990s

Some of my best memories are from the 1990s. Best fashion? Not so much. For Five Take last week, our task was to create an outfit with a 1990s theme. If I was at home, I would share the tragic fashion choices I was subjected to (thanks Mom!) and also chose for myself. Awkward vests, bike shorts and over-sized screen print t-shirts to name a few… Then there were the haircuts and perms (yup) on top of that.

I’ll have to dig out those gems to share with you all another time. It is worth the wait!

While planning for my trip out of state, I was determined to participate in Five Take – even while 2000 miles away from my closet. It has been tough. Don’t get me wrong, I can get along fine with a smaller selection… but I often create my outfits with one item, and build from there.

Some of the challenges are easier than others, but a few are more “involved” or outside my typical style. Neither situation works well with packing for an extended trip.

In a nod to 90s fashion, I chose to combine bright, eye-searing color, floral print and a vest.

Five Take: 1990s

Dress – Old Navy, size 24, here.
Tights – Avenue, ancient
Vest – Kohl’s
Boots – Fitzwell, “Syrup” via
Jacket – INC, Macy’s, 24/26

I’m no stranger to bright colors or floral prints but the vest is still on the fence. It recently made an appearance in another Five Take outfit. This chartreuse is almost too bright – even for me. It IS that bright in reality. Does looking at these pictures make your eyes hurt? I said eye-searing! I wasn’t kidding.

Five Take: 1990s

This season (and last), several items in the Old Navy plus line are running big, I mean 2-3 sizes big. I’ve ordered a couple summer dresses over the last few months and have to keep returning them for a few sizes down. Their sizing is wonky on good days. This is just ridiculous!

Bitching aside, it still benefits some of us! If you’re tall, the maxi dresses might be worth checking out – they are super long this season. As a size 28/30, I’m having to go 2-3 sizes down in dress sizes and wearing a 2/3x in everything else.

Five Take: 1990s

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things – posting, reading, commenting. My Google Reader is out of control!

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What are your best and worst 1990s fashion memories?

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  1. Oh, it is bright, but I really love it!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      I winced opening the package… but couldn’t bear to send it back! Need to alter it a bit though. That’s the only reason I’m kicking myself.

  2. Kate says: Reply

    Ahahaha, fashion memories from the 90’s…grunge; I stole all my boyfriend’s flannel shirts. Wearing cutoff jean shorts over tights and and topping it with a way too long t-shirt (same with the shiny bicycle shorts. Blossom style hats with giant fake flowers. Flower prints with a vest over them… *looks up* Your look is way cuter, by the way.

    Oh, and I haven’t commented before but I LOVE your blog and your sense of fashion!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks for reading (and commenting) Kate!

      I had a few of the Blossom hats too. And the tiny backpacks! Hahaha.

  3. So bright! I actually almost bought this dress because I thought it was so much fun, but it didn’t fit me right. I love it!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      The top is a little big on me. It is supposed to be an empire waist but it ends up being more like a drop waist – which I hate. Alas, the color/print made it worth the minor alterations that need to be made!

  4. Oh, the 90’s. I was a teenager and plaid shirts over rock concert t-shirts with bad hair was my signature look. Really? Yeah, it happened.

    The color is bright on this dress… but I love how you rock a vest!! Did that rhyme? Okay, time to go!

    You look beautiful!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Crystal!

  5. Deb says: Reply

    Gorgeous! Yellow and purple is my fave colour combo at the moment. You’ve inspired me to try this dress

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Deb! It is actually more of a chartreuse or acid green. Hope it works out for you!

  6. Val says: Reply

    I love the vest – I think you rock it very well. And the acid yellow is hard to pull off, but this look totally works. It just looks fun!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Val!

  7. Super bright. I am totally sure I would hate this dress by itself but with the vest it totally works. Love the purple tights too.

  8. thirtiesgirl says: Reply

    Angela Chase, is that you?? …Heh. Love it. Perfect ’90s combo. I’ve been checking out that dress on the ON website for the past month, but haven’t bit the bullet and bought it yet. I love yellow, but it can look a little weird with my complexion, which is why I haven’t gone for the dress yet, although I love the color and print.

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  10. Hey! I love 90’s fashion! (Obv.)
    I love this outfit, too! It’s fun and funky.
    The purple really pulls it together I think.
    Love you lady.

  11. Deena says: Reply

    Chartreuse is one of my favourite colours for clothes so I am ALL OVER that dress!

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