Five Take: It’s my party

This week for Five Take, our theme was a party dress. Perfectly timed because Claire, Becky and Gina were busy at Plus London and Rebecca was celebrating her birthday.

What about me? Oh, just at home… working.

At first I thought I could cop-out and post my outfit from Fatty Affair. Between the computer issues and work, I’ve slacked off on writing that post (obviously). And I already posted the images to the Facebook group, thus fulfilling promises made. Ha! But in all seriousness – photos are uploading to Flickr as I… type and the post will follow this one.

Back to the party dress. I decided to not go the easy, cheater route and started to think how the hell I was going to pull a party dress off on Super Bowl Sunday, when the highlights of my day were going to be cleaning the bathroom and work. I wanted to stay in my pajamas!

Five Take: It's my party

Dress/top – Collection by OneStopPlus, 34w
Vest – Apt. 9, Kohl’s, 3x
Jeggings – Old Navy, 28
Shoes – Bass, “Chrissie” via, 11M, $22
Bracelet – Necklace from Claire’s

I started wracking my brain for ideas and a dress to wear… Do I wear a party dress and dress it down? Go full party fance, and go to the grocery store at 3pm looking silly? The first won but pulling it off? Not so simple.

How do you dress down a party dress? Is it possible? I started to panic a little when all I could think of was adding a slouchy cardigan and/or jeggings. Which I guess would succeed in dressing down but not in a fashionable or creative way, which is part of the purpose for this challenge.

Five Take: It's my party

Five Take: It's my party

On my dress rack, I had this sequin number from OneStopPlus. I picked it up for a song and could never think of how to style it. I remember showing Chris and we both decided it looked like a sparkly night shirt. There was no shape whatsoever.

It was one of those things that I should have sent back but the return shipping wasn’t worth it. Today I thought… maybe I’d try it out. Now that’s a challenge!

Five Take: It's my party

Five Take: It's my party

Now, I have no idea why – but I decided to purchase this dress in a 34W. Maybe it was the only size left? Maybe I wanted it over-sized?

The catalog sizing almost always runs big for me, so I hope I wasn’t that dumb. Either way, I tried putting this baby on today… and yeah, so big it was comical. So big that belting it wasn’t going to help. So big that… well, I figured it was going to be a mess. I really meant to take a picture of the disaster but something distracted me – more about that later.

Five Take: It's my party

Remember I wanted to stay in my pajamas? What’s just as good as pajamas? Jeggings. Back during 30for30, I started belting my dresses into long tops and I thought it might work for this dress, despite the obvious size issues. Since my other ideas options involved fancy dresses paired with slouchy, casual cardigans I was desperate to make it work.

And also laughing at myself the whole time and fully prepared to do my grocery shopping and errands looking ridiculous. Now THAT is dedication. I even tweeted this:

A cardigan was out of the question because my favorite part of this mess was the arms. And it would hide lots of my shiny glory. So I grabbed the vest out of my closet (still with tags) and decided to wear that to break things up.

I didn’t end up belting the dress in the same way as 30for30 but used a belt to secure the extra fabric (lots, 10 inches?) below my boobs to make the dress look like a top. The result was a little bulky but not enough that anyone (but me) would notice.

As I got ready to leave, something scary happened – it started to grow on me. It started to look good! Nobody was more surprised than me because this outfit building started with me laughing at my reflection in the mirror each glance.

I threw on these super cute (and comfy) shoes, rolled up my pant legs (a la Rebecca), put my hair in a messy up-do, grabbed the “bracelet”, my purse and walked out the door.

Ridiculous or not.

Five Take: It's my party

Wondering what my distraction was? I left the car door open as I was taking pictures (smart move). This particular spot is on the side of a busy street and as I was taking pictures, I watched in horror as my knitting bag tipped over and stuff spilled out. Two balls of yarn for the sweater I’m about to start rolled into the gutter… one of which kept going into the storm drain.

Yup. That yarn is gone. I also pretty much needed all of the yarn I had, so knitting the sweater is going to be interesting. Good thing I’m making a cropped version! Thus (hopefully) needing less yarn.

Five Take: It's my party

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Party dresses are something I wish I could wear more. They are things I rarely, if ever, buy because I have so few opportunities to wear them. But it would be really great to have a few that could do double duty on occasion…

Now a question for you – don’t worry, you can be honest. ;) How’d I do?

What is your favorite party dress? Would you ever attempt to dress it down?

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  1. Emma says: Reply

    I love the waistcoat, what a great idea! It pulls everything together nicely, because of it I wouldn’t have noticed the extra fabric in the top if you hadn’t pointed it out!

    Good luck with the sweater. :)

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Emma!

      My sweater can use all the luck it can get .

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  3. Cassy says: Reply

    I do like the vest over the dress a lot, the sleeves look kind of awesome. I’m not a fan of the bottom of it being not sewn together.

    On a side note, I am sorry for your yarn loss. I’ve never lost any down a drain, but have had some get so massively tangled that I had to just chuck it out (and it’s always the colors I can’t find in the store any more)

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Yeah, the slip and top are two different pieces and that was one thing that annoyed me too.

      I’m thinking about getting the dress tailored – chopped shorter and taken in on the sides… but I’m not sure if I want the lining connected or not. If I keep it separate, I could also wear it over a darker slip/tank top. Hrm, maybe I should experiment! Thanks for the idea.

      I can untangle most yarn problems except for some handspun I recently made a mess of. I managed to convince my boyfriend to work on it a bit… he actually did a pretty good job but didn’t finish.

      Happy Valentine’s Day to him… tangled handspun!;)

  4. Jeannie Marie says: Reply

    I’m originally from the SF Bay Area…love the blog! Cute outfit..I’m your newest follower!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Hi Jeannie, thanks for reading! :)

      What city are you from?

  5. Hey Nicole!!

    Too too cute!! Love that color on you and I love that you put the vest with it. It’s menswear inspired and fem and looks fab on you!! You have serious style lady… serious!

    I was born and raised in San Mateo, so reading your blog feels like a piece of home… which I miss everyday…

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thank you Crystal!

      This was definitely outside of my typical style… but I was really pleased that it worked out AND loved the look.

      Aww, a fellow Californian. Where are you now?

      1. Kansas… yes, Kansas. I never knew it existed until I moved here. Love the people and the food but hate the weather. I heart you Nor Cal!!!

  6. I think you’re completely right about this outfit growing on you! I would have never thought to put that vest with the dress (which I owned briefly but sent back for the same reasons you posted), but they actually go quite well with one another. I also love the rolled jeans look (of course I would ;)), but I seem to have the opposite problem of you: I can’t find a good skirt for my body ever! I usually just adapt a dress but can never find a standalone skirt to wear. The outfit looks like a good time to me :)

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Rebecca! It is kind of funny, I thought we had a similar-ish body type… and we have the opposite issues! I should send you a few skirts – I have way too many.

      Or you can play dress up at FFFW! ;)

      (If I pretend like I’m going, it might actually have a chance of happening)

  7. ki. says: Reply

    I think you look pretty great :)

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thank you Ki! :)

  8. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! Its totally something I would actually wear. What a great way to dress down a fancy outfit. Its actually something I do a lot otherwise my posh dresses never get worn.

    Also – I hate OSP – look out for my post later this week to find out why.

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Claire! I was surprised it turned out so well. Glad that others like it too – and I’m not all crazy. Just a little.

      I could totally see you wearing something similar!

  9. Courtney says: Reply

    It’s a great outfit! With some brown of black slacks, it would make a great work outfit. =)

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks Courtney!

      I’m not sure I’d ever wear this top to work (too many sequins, haha) but I’d wear it just about everywhere else.

      Driving around in bright sun is kind of dangerous too… I’d know. ;)

  10. winged says: Reply

    I actually love this! There’s something vaguely “Labyrinth” about it (in a good way, ha!), probably the vest. Which also makes me think it could work with leggings too, but that might be TOO 80s.

    I’m going to have to hunt around for a vest like that though – I’ve been wanting one forever!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      You’re right, I could definitely see it working with leggings. But I’d probably wear that to a night event or something?

      Fancy dress and comfy leggings? I like it.

      I’ve seen these vests on the Kohl’s clearance racks, even though I bought it last year. Torrid and Lane Bryant usually have some kind of black vest in their range as well, year round.

  11. Molly says: Reply

    I love the sequin top and your oxfords. I need a quality pair like yours. Also, beautiful photo location!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Amazon had them too for less than $25.

      Thanks! This is the only place I want to take pictures anymore… ha. Need variety!

  12. thirtiesgirl says: Reply

    I’m late to the party, but I LOVE this outfit on you! Vest, jeans, sparkly top, brogues? Love it!

    Since I’m not much of a dress wear-er, I don’t have a favorite party dress. Most of the dresses I have in my closet are wrap dresses, which seem to work best on my shape, so that’s my favorite kind of dress.

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Wrap dresses are a definite classic! I’d almost go as far to say that they look great on everyone. Depending on the cut, proportions, etc.

      Thanks! It turned out much better than expected. I’ve even been thinking about wearing something similar again…

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