International No Diet Day 2011

Hello! Long time no post. Right? Things have been crazy for me lately – life, schedule, school… Just a couple more weeks until I’m free from this stressful semester and let the fun begin!

Friday was International No Diet Day and I had the chance to participate in an event organized by Marilyn Wann (with a bunch of other rad fatties and allies) to interrupt an obesity conference in San Francisco.

International No Diet Day 2011

International No Diet Day 2011International No Diet Day 2011

I haven’t participated in anything like this before and can’t even begin to describe the feeling. I knew what was on the agenda for the day but actually doing it was a completely different experience. It was both scary and exciting! Naturally, I wanted to record things through photos and if you’re interested, I have the complete set of pictures over here.

In honor of the day, Marilyn composed a song for us to sing and dance to:

Chins. Bellies. Hips…and ass. Hips…and ass.
Chins. Bellies. Hips…and ass. Hips…and ass.
Chins. Bellies. Hips…and ass. Hips…and ass.
We love our bodies the weigh we are. Wouldn’t change a thing!

International No Diet Day 2011

And we did! She blew a whistle to draw attention, started the music and we strutted our stuff down the aisle to the front of the room. Some people were shocked, others smiled. The speaker stuttered and tried to continue his speech. It was interesting to see that at a so-called “obesity” conference that fat bodies were not well represented.

International No Diet Day 2011

Good thing we showed up. Hopefully our demonstration made an impact!

You can read Marilyn’s detailed account of the day on Facebook here.

OOTD: International No Diet Day

Cardigan – Liz Claiborne
Top – Onestopplus
Skirt – Taillissime
Flats – Evans
Belt – Torrid
Necklace –

OOTD: International No Diet DayOOTD: International No Diet Day

The outfit I wore is something typical for me – high waisted skirt, top and cardigan for a cool day in San Francisco. I planned to wear it sans cardigan but I am so glad I brought it! Turns out a mesh sleeves don’t keep you very warm. This top is actually really cute – it has a sweetheart-ish neckline and the neck/sleeves are mesh. You can’t really tell in the photos because I’m pretty much the same color as the shirt. Ha!

I even ironed my skirt for the occasion… but after an hour ride on BART – you can’t really tell.

OOTD: International No Diet Day

International No Diet Day

Marilyn and I

International No Diet Day 2011

Margarita, Sarah and I

A big thank you to Sarah for taking my outfit pictures and tolerating my instructions. <3 I took a couple clips of video and someone was filming the whole thing - I'll post the link to that as soon as it is available. How did you celebrate International No Diet Day?

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  1. That’s so awesome! I didn’t actually know it was no diet day… but I still celebrated by not dieting :). Wait, every day is no diet day for me! :)

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Me too! Best decision I ever made too. Ha!

  2. Gurl! I almost started crying when I saw the pictures! So lovely! You amaze me! I am so grateful to have you in my life. <3
    I friggin' love that pic of you biting the fat necklace! And that one of me, you and Margarita? Flawless!
    Now, to plan our big fashion shoot! =0)

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      You’re silly! I swore I applied to these comments ages ago – finals must have really done a number on me.

      Aww, you’re too sweet! I’m so glad to have you as a friend. And thank you for taking my outfit pictures!

      Yes, we definitely need a big fat fashion shoot!

  3. […] For more pictures (far better quality, too) check out Nicole’s post about INDD! […]

  4. Dana says: Reply

    Bravo! I truly applaud and commend taking a stand against ‘anti obesity’… we come in all shapes, sizes, pounds, weights, colors, genders… this is not only about fat acceptance but about people acceptance for everyone.


    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Well said Dana! Fat acceptance is for everyone – not just fat people.

  5. Paul E. says: Reply

    Here’s a few things you may not know about Xavier Pi-Sunyer, the guy you

    Xavier is more responsible for the obesity crisis panic in the medical arena
    than any other expert. First, he wrote several reviews of the supposed health
    hazards of obesity that were little more than lists of various conditions that
    had ever been connected to increased BMI. If the source he cited was
    contradicted by other sources, he ignored it. He paid no attention to the size
    of the risk, or the level of BMI needed to get the risk, or any confounding
    factors. For example, he states that gallstones are caused by obesity when they
    are actually caused by rapid weight loss. It just so happens that most crash
    dieting is done by big people, so big people are the ones who mainly get
    gallstones. He includes many rare diseases and lumps them in with common
    diseases, making it sound like every person with a BMI over 25 is gauranteed to
    get every one of these conditions.

    Xavier is the author of a viral PowerPoint slide that shows an uglified generic
    fat body shot through with dozens of arrows, each arrow labeled with a different
    disease. I have seen this slide easily a hundred times.

    The slide was distributed widely by different drug companies. Xavier belongs to
    many speaker’s bureau’s organized by drug companies. Most notoriously, he was
    hired by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals in advance of the approval of Redux (part of
    fen-phen) to promote the idea that obesity was a dangerous disease and that
    dangerous treatments were justified. He has traveled the country continuously
    since the 1990’s promoting the dangers of obesity, all financed by drug
    companies. He has promoted every diet pill in existence, and has promoted every
    type of surgery. He has promoted drugs even before they were approved by the
    FDA, like the disasterous riomibant (pot blocker drug) that was cancelled
    because it caused suicides (it was approved in Europe and Xavier promoted it
    over there).

    Xavier is, in my opinion, the Darth Vader of the anti-obesity movement.

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks for the information Paul! I knew some of the general information but not all the details.

    2. I probably mentioned this before, and it does date me a bit, but it also dates Xavier Pi-Sunyer. He’s been at this for quite a long time. When I joined NAAFA while in college, I was editing something in Appleworks on my Apple II GS. I had written Pi-Sunyer’s name, and while spell-checking the document, Appleworks highlighted his name and said….

      Spell Checker does not recognize this word. Did you mean to write “Poisoner?”

  6. Rachel says: Reply

    God, you guys looked fabulous! I’m sure that was a hit to the conference, having so many awesome, successful fats showing up and taking up space unapologetically. We are here. We are fat. We are fabulous :)

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Thanks! I loved some of the expressions that I caught inside the conference. Good times!

      It was such a rush.

  7. Rachel said it all. You and the women who interrupted the conference are totally bad-ass and give me motivation to fight against anti-obesity where ever and however I can!

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      I was so glad to be there with veteran rad fatties like Marilyn Wann, etc. Very inspirational! I can’t wait to do more when the opportunities arise.

  8. This is amazing! I love International No-Diet Day, I love that you guys stormed into an obesity conference, and I love your outfit! Everything about this post is super amazing! <3

    1. Nicole says: Reply

      Aww, thanks! We had tons of fun and it was great meeting and talking to new people. I can’t wait to see the video.

  9. […] MW: Recently I organized a bunch of people to interrupt an obesity conference on International No Diet Day. A place where people were convinced that if you are fat that means that you have to have all kinds of health problems. This particular conference was held to convince healthcare providers to buy weight loss products to sell. Basically a way to make money off of an oppression. And promote fat oppression. So I organized people to interrupt that conference with a dance party, which I called a “flesh mob.” […]

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