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求个亚博网址-北体大退出CUBA后续:学校拒不回应 未来招生恐受到影响

On September 29, Beijing time, the Beijing Sport University basketball team's withdrawal from CUBA made new progress. According to an interview with reporters from China News, the relevant departments of Beijing Sports University refused to respond to this matter.


Previously, according to domestic media reports, the registration for the 23rd CUBA Beijing Grassroots Tournament has ended. If Beijing Sport University fails to submit the registration materials within the deadline, it will lose the qualification for this CUBA competition. It is understood that the main reason for the current situation is the poor results achieved by the North in recent years in the national competition. In the last national competition, the team pointed to the top eight, but unfortunately they lost to Taiyuan University of Technology in the 16-in-8 game and failed to achieve their goal; this year a leader of a college set the goal in the top three in the country, claiming that it could not be achieved. The need to continue participating.


The first news came from the "revelations" of men's basketball players of Beijing Sport University on multiple social platforms (now deleted). According to him, the reason why North Sports chose to abstain is that this year's team is full of newcomers. The men's basketball team is not the focus of the school's work, but only a small part. Although the team is still competitive, the school values ​​it more. Achievement. The player also said, "The school management said that if you can't beat the top three in the country, you won't be allowed to fight."


Since the merger of CUBS and CUBA, Beijing Sport University began participating in CUBA in 2017. As the only sports academy eligible to participate in CUBA in the 2020 season, Beijing Sport University’s men’s basketball team has entered the CUBA top 16 and has actually created the best team history. Good results. But there is still a long way to go from the "top three" mentioned by the leaders.


Relevant personnel interpreted: "In many people's eyes, Beijing Sport University is the highest sports institution in China, so basketball should also be at the top level of CUBA. However, in fact, North Sports is inherently disadvantaged in basketball enrollment, and many core players are Admission to the school with a single move or even general recruitment is a thousand miles away from the high-level players of other CUBA schools. A single point can be seen from the team configuration that the average height of the national competition opponents is half a head higher than that of the North."


However, the North Sports University men’s basketball team has also cultivated and exported a lot of basketball talents for Chinese basketball. Take the 2020 CBA draft as an example. Yang Haozhe and Liu Yi of their team were selected by the CBA teams Nanjing Tongxi and Shan Dongxi Wang. . Today, they have already joined their respective teams to train and prepare for the upcoming CBA new season.

但是,北方体育大学的男子篮球队也为中国篮球培养并出口了很多篮球人才。以2020年CBA草案为例。他们的球队的杨浩哲和刘毅被CBA球队南京同锡和王东熙选中。 。今天,他们已经加入了各自的团队,为即将到来的CBA新赛季进行训练和准备。

Despite the scattered news on the Internet, Beijing Sport University remained silent and did not respond. When a reporter from "China News Network" contacted the Propaganda Department of Beijing Sport University, hoping to learn more about the situation, the reply was: "It is not convenient to respond temporarily."


It is understood that in theory, if CUBA does not register for the grassroots competition, it may not be able to participate in the subsequent competition. In fact, due to the epidemic situation last season, CUBA’s attention has almost reached an unprecedented level. Many athletes and fans expressed regret for this result.


According to an interview with Chinanews.com, a student of the North Sports School also expressed this concern: "North Sports has withdrawn from CUBA. For some high-level students who originally hoped to join the North Sports and take the road of basketball in the future, there will be Concerns, this will definitely have an impact on the admissions work of high-level students, which North Sports has no advantage."


In fact, let’s not talk about the future, only the current men’s basketball players of the North Sports University, and even the basketball teenagers who are studying and hope to embark on the road of basketball in the future. After losing the CUBA stage, will there be other opportunities and platforms in the future? Practicing and presenting yourself are still unclear. Campus sports should not pay too much attention to results, but more to process. But now, at the time when the "Integration of Sports and Education" policy is promulgated, the North Sports University is still scholastic, which makes CUBA's "dream nonstop" slogan pale and weak.


No one commented, but quiet


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