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Tiger Fighting October 2nd, Barcelona’s technical secretary Ramon Planes attended today’s Deste’s unveiling ceremony.

虎扑灭10月2日,巴塞罗那的技术秘书Ramon Planes出席了今天的Deste揭幕仪式。

First of all, Barcelona has an excellent lineup with many young players. In the past two rounds, we played well against Villarreal and Celta. These two opponents were very difficult to play. Barcelona's current performance is very good, and of course it can be better. We maintain communication with the coach. Now the team situation will change a lot.


The first is the line of defense, as the coach himself said,


First of all, we hope to find the most suitable solution. Umtiti has achieved very good achievements and is a good player, but now his situation is more troublesome. This is the worst aspect of football, that is, injuries. But the club has been by his side to support him, and we are also looking for ways that are good for everyone.


Again, everything is possible in the next few days, but we must also know that the current transfer market is very difficult. It may be the most depressed in recent years. We need to adapt to this situation. We respect Umtiti. Everyone is looking for a solution together.


I think, the chairman also talked about this issue before, I am here to discuss the issue of competition. To be honest, we have been working hard on signings in the past few weeks, but the transfer market is also very difficult. Our goal is to focus on the future, and this is what our technical department is doing-to build a young team and build a foundation for the future of Barcelona.


First of all, Todibo is an excellent player. Many clubs were interested in him before. We also signed him. Now we have proved this, because many clubs are now asking about him. He also hopes to play games, we also hope to find the best plan for him, the ultimate goal is to ensure the growth of players.


First of all, I want to thank Phuket and Coman for their sincerity. Coman made things very clear. This is the current situation. In a team like Barcelona, ​​playing time is very precious and very difficult.


And whether it was against Villarreal or Celta in the previous two games, Koman also gave young players opportunities, of course, players outside of Phuket, I think this is also commendable, because this is Barcelona The culture gives young players opportunities.


Phuket chose to stay and realize his dream, that is, to enter the first team. I appreciate this very much because he is very determined. As a echelon player, I also want to say that this is a very difficult thing. We also respect and accept the player's choice. Although it is difficult, there will be a lot of matches next. I believe he will have a chance.


What I value more is that two days ago, the best player, the captain of Barcelona, ​​Messi publicly expressed his commitment to Barcelona. We have never questioned this. I believe that Messi is ready to fight for all the honor. Personally, I am a constructive person. I think about the future. I believe that the fans also hope that everyone will be twisted together.


We also saw the game yesterday. There are many things worth mentioning in the game, but the most important thing is the spirit shown by our team, the spirit of fighting to the end. I am very satisfied with this, because football is every day. The matter is moving forward. We believe that the future of Barcelona is full of hope, and this is what we are building.


I have already said that Barcelona have many outstanding players, many young players, and outstanding veterans. This is our foundation. We will definitely get better, but we cannot sign in in the future. What we need is players who can really help the club.


I don't rule out signings, but we will not sell people for the sake of signings. But what we need to know is the current situation and we need to find suitable players. We think Durst has the strength to play for Barcelona. This is the player we are looking for.


First of all, we know that the current transfer market is very changeable and everything is possible. Many clubs are paying attention to Todibo because he is young and has good conditions. The players also have their own ideas. Last season, he chose to leave Barcelona to look for Opportunities, players will make different decisions. For example, Phuket chooses to stay and compete, even if there are few opportunities. Some players just want to leave, but also consider some echelon players. For example, Araujo is being promoted to the first team. We need to consider many factors. Of course, we need to consider the players' personal wishes in the end.