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For Bayern Munich, they have reaped fruitful results in the 2019~2020 season.


In the Bundesliga arena, Nan Dawang scored 26 wins, 4 draws, 4 losses and 82 in 34 games, leading the second place Dortmund by 13 points and winning the Bundesliga championship for the eighth consecutive season.


In the German Cup, Bayern Munich has eliminated Cottbus, Bochum, Hoffenheim, Schalke 04, Frankfurt, and the final meeting with the pharmaceutical company Leverkusen. In the German Cup final held on July 5, Beijing time, Bayern Munich beat Leverkusen 4-2 to win the cup with Alaba and Gnabry's contributions and Lewandowski's score twice. .

在德国杯中,拜仁慕尼黑淘汰了科特布斯,波鸿,霍芬海姆,沙尔克04,法兰克福,以及与制药公司勒沃库森的最后会议。在北京时间7月5日举行的德国杯决赛中,拜仁慕尼黑4-2击败勒沃库森,以阿拉巴和格纳布里的贡献以及勒万多夫斯基的比分两次夺冠。 。

In the most watched UEFA Champions League, the performance of the Bundesliga giants is also eye-catching.


Bayern Munich scored a perfect record of six full victories in the group stage. Since then, they have defeated Chelsea 7-1, Barcelona 8-2 and Lyon 3-0 in the knockout rounds. In the UEFA Champions League final with Paris, Bayern Munich demonstrated a very diverse offensive and defensive system, and finally defeated the Ligue 1 giants 1-0 with Koeman's goal, winning the Champions League trophy for the sixth time in team history.


The triple crown is a dream of countless teams, but this season's Bayern Munich has even more prominent "legendary." Judging from the results alone, the journey of the Nanda Kings on all fronts seems to be smooth. In fact, they still encountered a lot of trouble in the early part of the season.


During Kovac's coaching period, he made slightly stubborn changes to the team's tactical structure and personnel positioning, resulting in Bayern's dominance in the Bundesliga in the past two seasons being far less than before. Although there was a 7-point reversal of the championship last season, Kovac's series of coaching ideas do not conform to the real situation of Bayern Munich. After the 1-5 defeat to Frankfurt, Bayern Munich's situation in the standings became more and more serious, and the team's morale was at the bottom.


Soon after, the Bayern executives announced that Kovac was dismissed, but there was something surprising about the replacement: Flick, who had never coached experience in the top league. The latter had not held the position of head coach for 15 years before taking over Bayern. Can such a "rookie coach" lead Bayern out of the gloom? Few people would believe it at the time.


On the whole, Flick is a more pragmatic coach.


The establishment of high-pressure pressing tactics, a more reasonable selection of formations, and an increasingly clear offensive and defensive system, various factors finally helped Bayern Munich reverse the defeat and set the second triple crown season in team history.


But for Bayern Munich, the triple crown may just be the starting point of their new era. In order to remain competitive in the new season, and even attack more brilliant records, effective signings are absolutely necessary.


Unlike Barcelona and Real Madrid, which are world-class giants at the same level, Bayern Munich's investment in signings appears to be more rational. As of now, Bayern Munich’s highest transfer expenditure in team history has not exceeded 100 million euros (80 million euros to introduce Lucas Hernandez), and the second transfer expenditure in team history is only 45 million euros ( Introduced Sane from Manchester City).


So what is the main signing strategy of Bayern Munich? Looking at their current main lineup, many people were not well-known before they came to the team, but Bayern’s scout team can always predict their development potential and take the lead in recruiting the Canadian fullback. Alfonso Davis is a typical representative.

那么拜仁慕尼黑的主要签约策略是什么?从他们目前的主要阵容来看,很多人在加入球队之前并不为人所知,但是拜仁的球探队总是可以预测他们的发展潜力,并率先招募加拿大后卫。阿方索·戴维斯(Alfonso Davis)是典型代表。

Overall, we can roughly plan the Bundesliga giant's signing scope in the following range-young, relatively cheap and with high potential.


Compared to Alfonso Davis, the left-back who was so popular in the 2019-2020 season, Bayern Munich's right-back Paval does not seem to attract so much attention. But if you study his data carefully, you can find that Pawar is also an indispensable and important figure in the Bayern defender line.

与左后卫阿方索·戴维斯(Alfonso Davis)在2019-2020赛季如此受欢迎相比,拜仁慕尼黑的右后卫帕瓦尔(Paval)似乎并没有吸引太多关注。但是如果仔细研究他的数据,您会发现Pawar还是拜仁后卫线中不可或缺的重要人物。

From the offensive end of the data, Paval’s average number of shots per game, average number of positive shots per game, average number of passes per game, average number of key passes per game, and average number of successful passes per game are difficult to reach Alfonso Davis’s. level. But the appearance of this situation does not mean that Paval is inferior to Davis, and it has a lot to do with the different positioning of the two on the court.

从数据的进攻端来看,Paval每场比赛的平均发球次数,每场比赛的平均发球次数,每场比赛的平均发球次数,每场比赛的关键发球次数以及每场比赛的成功传球次数很难到达阿方索·戴维斯(Alfonso Davis)。水平。但是,这种情况的出现并不意味着帕瓦尔不如戴维斯,这与两者在球场上的定位有很大关系。

Compared to Alfonso Davis, who frequently inserts assists, Paval’s offensive and defensive balance attributes are more distinct. The French international has far fewer inserts than Davis, and will play his outstanding field more often. With a view of the overall situation and excellent ball ability, he assists the midfielder in organizing.

与经常插入助攻的阿方索·戴维斯(Alfonso Davis)相比,帕瓦尔的进攻和防守平衡属性更加鲜明。与戴维斯相比,法国国脚的插入次数要少得多,并且将更加频繁地出战他的出色领域。考虑到整体情况和出色的发球能力,他协助中场组织比赛。

As shown in the figure, Paval's pass success rate can be ranked in the forefront of the same position. The pass success rate, midfield pass success rate and backcourt pass success rate are all ranked among all players in the same position. The first one. Exquisite foot technology and offensive and defensive skills make Flick more willing to treat Paval as a mentor, rather than a winger like Alfonso Davis.

如图所示,帕瓦尔的通过成功率可以排在同一位置的前列。传球成功率,中场传球成功率和后场传球成功率均排在同一位置的所有球员之间。第一个。精致的脚步技术以及进攻和防守技巧使Flick更愿意将Paval视为导师,而不是像Alfonso Davis这样的边锋。

For Bayern Munich, Paval is definitely a rare "treasure." But the more precious, the more protection is needed.


Pawar has helped the Bundesliga giants in 47 appearances in various competitions in the 2019-2020 season, and is almost the main force in the iron fight. It is foreseeable that with the further intensive schedule of Bayern Munich in the new season, and Pawar has won the targeted attention of many teams with his outstanding performance, it is not realistic to rely on him alone to support the entire season. Therefore, it seems more necessary to introduce an excellent right back that is in line with the team's tactics.


Many teams may have doubts: No. 32 Kimmich in Bayern Munich is also a top right-back, can't he share Paval's pressure?


The reason is simple. Now Kimmich is no longer a pure right-back. With his outstanding footwork and balanced offense and defense, he has long been transformed into an offensive and defensive midfielder. The picture above is the position distribution of Kimmich in the 2019-2020 season. He has as many as 26 games arranged in the back midfielder, and only 12 games have been the team's right back.


So who is suitable for signings as the right right back? The author thinks that William, who currently plays for Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga, seems to be a good choice. The Brazilian fullback is only 25 years old this year, has a lot of room for growth, and has been fully experienced in Wolfsburg, and already has a certain level of game experience. More importantly, although William has already made a certain reputation in the Bundesliga, he has not yet become the so-called "focus star". His current value in the German transfer market is only 11 million euros, and it is very cost-effective to buy as a substitute for a right-back.


From the detailed data on both offense and defense, William averaged 1.1 shots per game, ranking third in the same position; average shots per game reached 0.4, ranking third in the same position; average number of shots per game reached 1.2 Second, ranking fourth in the same position. As a full-back with excellent shooting skills, William's tactical choices on the court are more diverse. He can make a slight adduction after completing the side ball delivery and become a reliable outflank for the team.


On the defensive side, William's more physical fitness allows him to basically maintain the defensive rate within 90 minutes. The Brazilian player averaged 3.4 steals per game, ranking 2nd in the same position; averaged 1.5 interceptions per game, ranking 5th in the same position. You know, William's main position in Wolfsburg this season is not stable, he often needs to compete with Kevin Mbabu from Switzerland. In this context, William was able to obtain such defensive data in the end is quite good.


Having said so many of William's advantages, the author must also point out one of the shortcomings of the Brazilian full-back-poor passing accuracy, which is also a major reason why it is difficult for him to completely occupy the position in Wolfsburg.


In the Bundesliga in the 2019-2020 season, William’s passing data is in a declining state. The midfield pass success rate is less than 70%, and it is even not as good as the frontcourt pass success rate of some players at the same position. . This series of data shows: William is indeed a talented full-back, but his polishing of passing fineness is far from reaching the level similar to Pawar. In other words, it is difficult for William to have the ability to assist the midfielder in organizing and unblocking. He can only be defined as a simple "play on the side."

在2019-2020赛季的德甲联赛中,威廉姆斯的过去数据处于下降状态。中场传球成功率不到70%,甚至不及同一位置一些球员的前场传球成功率。 。这一系列数据表明:威廉确实是一名才华横溢的后卫,但他的传球精细度远未达到类似于Pawar的水平。换句话说,威廉很难拥有协助中场组织和解围的能力。他只能被定义为简单的“边路比赛”。

In addition to William of Wolfsburg, Calabria, currently playing for Serie A giants AC Milan, seems to be a worthy target. As early as a month ago, many Italian newspapers such as Gazzetta dello Sport and Torino Sport stated that Milan was ready to sell Calabria, and the 23-year-old Italian right-back was about to start looking for his next home. .

除了沃尔夫斯堡的威廉外,卡拉布里亚目前正在为意甲豪门AC米兰效力,似乎是一个值得的目标。早在一个月前,许多意大利报纸,例如Gazzetta dello Sport和Torino Sport都说米兰已经准备出售卡拉布里亚,而这位23岁的意大利右后卫即将开始寻找下一个家。 。

Although Calabria "failed" the club's expectations of him, the author does not completely despise his future.


First of all, the Italian full-back is only 23 years old after all, and has a very broad growth space. Secondly, Calabria is considered one of the players with higher potential in the same price range (his current value in the German transfer market is 10 million euros, and the "Gazzetta dello Sport" stated that Milan's price tag is only 12 million euros) . Even if it can't grow up in a short time, Calabria is still quite good as a "scratch lottery ticket" object.


Why can't Calabria play in AC Milan? The author believes that it has a certain relationship with the Serie A football environment. Calabria’s relatively general confrontation ability is difficult to reach the average line of the overall defensive level of Serie A.


In fact, looking carefully, Calabria's ability to play the ball and coordination awareness are better than other attributes. The Italian full-back has a pass success rate of 81% this season, of which the frontcourt pass success rate reached 72%, the midfield pass success rate reached 84%, and the backcourt pass success rate reached 87%. Much better than the William we mentioned earlier.


Of course, the aforementioned William and Calabria are just players with a price of around 10 million euros. If Bayern Munich is willing to invest heavily in the right back position (I personally think it is unlikely), they may also bring fans similar to Lucas Hernandez's level of players.


Bayern Champions League final starting lineup


After Flick came to the team, he continued Kovac's favorite in formation-4231. In the midfield area of ​​this formation, No. 25 Thomas Muller appears more in the midfielder position, but Muller’s tactical positioning on the field is more biased towards offense. The so-called "offensive and defensive balance" depends on the two behind him. Name midfielder.


Throughout Bayern Munich's many games this season, their choice in the position of the midfielder is nothing more than Thiago, Kimmich, Gretzka and others. Among these people, the author believes that Thiago's role is indispensable.


From the data point of view, Thiago has played 40 times on behalf of Nan Dawang this season, second only to Kimmich, and ranked second among all Bayern midfielders. But he only completed 3 goals and 2 assists in so much playing time, which is far inferior to Gretzka, Kimmich and others.


Where is the value of Thiago reflected? The author believes that when we discuss Thiago, we should not just confine ourselves to the so-called goal assists, but should pay more attention to the help he brings to the team invisible.


Thiago's technical characteristics of daring to hold the ball and good at holding the ball are urgently needed in Bayern's midfield. Whether it is to retreat to the back line to receive the ball or to push forward, it is his good skill. Although this technical feature sometimes brings some negative effects, and is also prone to targeted tactical arrangements by opponents, overall the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


The picture above is Thiago's passing data in the 2019-2020 season, and can basically remain in the top three ranks of the Bundesliga. It can be seen that Bayern Munich's brilliant offense in the frontcourt is inseparable from Thiago's silent contribution behind him.


Compared with the scoring Lewand, the fast-moving Davis, and the frequently assisted Muller, Thiago is more like the unsung hero behind the Triple Crown. It is precisely by virtue of his steady guidance and precise attack and defense rate. Bayern Munich's offensive and defensive system highlights a distinct sense of hierarchy.


Unfortunately, Thiago's career at Bayern Munich seems to be coming to an end.


Despite the many honors gained in the 19-20 season, the Spanish international seems to have a soft spot for Liverpool and his desire to leave the team is still strong. In this context, regardless of whether Thiago will continue to stay with the team in the new season, Bayern Munich's senior management and the coaching team must quickly make a series of response plans.


As the saying goes, "The strongest person is already in the battle." Although this sentence is too much to ridicule, it is a well-known saying in some cases.


In the 2019-2020 season, the No. 11 Kusans introduced by Bayern Munich showed a very good competitive posture. His rationality in dribbling with the ball and his ability to predict the ball at certain times are already quite sophisticated. However, it needs to be emphasized that Kusanz is only 21 years old after all. His lack of game experience is his shortcoming. Bayern Munich still prefers to grow and learn and will not support him as the main force in a short time. Therefore, it is necessary to find a midfielder with outstanding ability and who can share playing time with Qusans.


I believe that many Bayern fans have long been paying attention to the second-team player Angelo Stig. The player who was born in 2001 plays a defensive midfielder. He scored 1 goal in the UEFA Youth League last season and 6 Assists.


As a young midfielder, An'Goro Sti has many qualities to grow into a top star. Similar to Thiago, Angolo Sti also likes to retreat to the back line to catch the ball sharply during the game, but he rarely makes too low-level mistakes at a young age. The dribbling is very structured and it is difficult to be caught by the opponent. At the same time, the technical characteristics of being good at retracement does not mean that Un'Goro Sti does not have the ability to forward. His in-line awareness and long pass footwork are very good, and he can transfer the ball to the ball in a short time. At the feet of his teammate in the front field.

作为年轻的中场球员,安戈罗·斯蒂(An'Goro Sti)具有许多成长为顶级明星的素质。与Thiago相似,Angolo Sti也喜欢在比赛中向后线退后以迅速接住球,但是他很少在年轻时犯过低级错误。盘带非常有条理,很难被对手抓住。同时,擅长回撤的技术特征并不意味着Un'Goro Sti没有前进的能力。他的内线意识和长传球步法非常出色,并且可以在短时间内将球转移到球上。在前场的队友脚下。

A player of this type is very much in line with Bayern Munich's reinforcement ideas-internal digging and reducing expenses. Assuming Thiago finally leaves the team, the rapid growth of Angelo Sti and Qusans can make up for the midfield gap to a certain extent, save the club a lot of money, and strengthen other positions.

这种类型的球员非常符合拜仁慕尼黑的强化思想-内部挖掘和减少开支。假设Thiago最终离开了球队,Angelo Sti和Qusans的快速成长可以在一定程度上弥补中场差距,为俱乐部节省大量金钱,并巩固其他职位。

In addition to internal excavations, the author believes that Fausto Vera, who currently works for young people in Argentina, also has great potential. Fausto Bella is only 20 years old this year. He only officially entered the Argentine youth first team last season. However, he has shown extremely high competitive value in both the national team and club competitions, including defensive interception and organizational transportation in the midfield. Quite distinctive.

除了内部发掘,作者认为目前在阿根廷年轻人中工作的福斯托·维拉(Vausto Vera)也具有巨大潜力。福斯托·贝拉(Fausto Bella)今年只有20岁。他上赛季才正式进入阿根廷青年一线队。但是,他在国家队和俱乐部比赛中都显示出极高的竞争价值,包括防守拦截和中场组织运输。非常有特色。

More importantly, Fausto Bella is a typical "can't run to death". He desperately needs time for the game. He does his best in every minute of his appearance, and can bring the team on both offense and defense. Obviously help.

更重要的是,福斯托·贝拉(Fausto Bella)是典型的“无法逃亡”。他迫切需要时间来比赛。他在出场的每一分钟都尽力而为,可以带动球队的进攻和防守。显然有帮助。

The midfield is a position where Bayern Munich’s star reserves are relatively sufficient. In addition, many of their players have the ability to temporarily change positions. Combined with Bayern’s frequent transfer of teenagers to the first team, I speculate that they will not be in the midfield position. There are higher-level players introduced. However, Bayern Munich fans do not have to be disappointed because of this. Expensive is not necessarily good. It is not accidental that Bayern Munich’s "scratch lottery" can be successful frequently, and its unique future planning occupies an important part of this.


On July 3, 2020, Bayern Munich officially announced the introduction of left forward Sane from Manchester City in the Premier League. The arrival of the latter further strengthened Bayern Munich’s selection of personnel on the left, and to a certain extent made up for Perisic’s departure. The gap.


Compared to the left side with strong support, Bayern Munich has fewer manpower on the right side. At present, there is only one pure right winger in Bayern Munich who can act as the absolute main force, and that is 25-year-old Gnabry. The latter has played 46 times for Bayern Munich this season, scored 23 goals and 13 assists. Bayern Munich is the absolute main candidate for the right winger (right midfielder).


Gnabry's eye-catching performance is worthy of the joy of Bayern fans, but Bayern Munich's staff reserves in this position are not sufficient. Therefore, it is also very important to bring in a right winger who can stand alone.


In the right wing position, I think Bayern Munich’s signings will still be dominated by young players with great potential but not well-known at the moment. Mbeumo, who currently plays for Brentford in the British Championship, seems to be a good choice.


The young teenager born on August 7, 1999 has grown into a key figure in Brentwood's right wing position. In the 2019-2020 season, he represented the team in 47 appearances in various competitions, scoring 13 goals, and 7 assists. More importantly, the 21-year-old represents Mbeumo's career and there is still great room for growth. I believe that he will definitely cause a number of top league teams in the near future.


From the detailed data, Mbeumo scored 15 goals in the 2019-2020 season, ranking second in the same position. At the same time, his average number of shots per game, average number of positive shots per game, and ability to seize opportunities can all be ranked among the best in the same position. Such statistics are rare for a 21-year-old player.


Mbeumo uses his left foot and the left-footed player plays the right forward. This proves that Mbeumo is definitely not a wing breaker in the traditional sense, but will appropriately seek more complex tactical changes. Mbeiumo completed 7 assists in the 19-20 season, ranking fifth in the same position. But his passing accuracy and the awareness of cooperation with his teammates need to be further tempered. Sometimes there will be some risky passes that are too taken for granted, which leads to the passive situation of the team's offense.

姆贝莫(Mbeumo)用左脚,左脚球员向右踢。这证明姆贝莫绝对不是传统意义上的机翼破坏者,而是会适当地寻求更复杂的战术变化。 Mbeiumo在19-20赛季完成了7次助攻,在同一位置上排名第五。但是他的传球准确性和与队友合作的意识需要进一步锻炼。有时,有些危险的传球被认为是理所当然的,这导致了球队进攻的被动局面。

From the point of view of technical characteristics, Mbeiumo likes to make timely transitions with his own center forward, and then uses his dexterous running position and excellent physical coordination to intersect. This kind of game strategy is very difficult for the British crown defenders who have always emphasized physical confrontation. This is also an important reason why Mbeumo can score so many goals.


After all, Mbeiumo is still a young player who does not have sufficient top-level league experience. It is unrealistic to directly compare him with the popular Gnabry. But from another perspective, the technical characteristics and game ideas of the two actually have some similarities.


First of all, both of them have extremely efficient scoring ability and can break the deadlock at some point; secondly, their style of play is more team-oriented, with little useless solo or brainless long shots, which is very suitable for Bayern Munich. Team football tactics.


The last point, the author thinks is also the most important point: neither Gnabry nor Mbeumo is a wing breakthrough passer in the pure sense. They adduct and transpose very frequently during the game. Now Bayern Munich’s players who have made the most crosses do not come from the wing (Kimmich first, Mueller second), which also proves that Flick’s core idea of ​​wing attack is to constantly change positions. In this context, a right winger who dares to transposition and is good at transposition is very in line with Bayern's tactics.


In other words, even if Bayern Munich did not focus on Mbeumo, their signing ideas at the right wing position cannot be separated from the following points: 1. Exquisite shooting skills and the ability to score goals; 2. Good at transposition and adduction, able to cooperate with teammates in a small range; 3. Technical characteristics tend to be team-oriented, not obsessed with personal ability.

换句话说,即使拜仁慕尼黑不专注于姆博莫,他们在右翼位置的签约理念也不能与以下几点分开:1.精湛的投篮技巧和进球能力。 2.善于换位和内收,能够与小范围的队友合作; 3.技术特征倾向于以团队为导向,而不是沉迷于个人能力。

Among the many giants in today's world football, Bayern Munich is a "heterogeneous". They are not known for their high investment in signings, and they are rarely the ones that disturb the transfer market. However, looking at the signings of Nan Dawang in recent years, most of them can finally achieve relatively good results.


Such results are inseparable from the efforts of the scout team and have a lot to do with Bayern Munich's idea of ​​running the team. Taking into account the extraordinary dominance of the team in the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich can often occupy an absolute advantage when facing most of the same league teams, which will inevitably encourage a large number of young players to get more experience opportunities.


The Champions League champion’s crown is the best affirmation for Bayern in the past season, but it is also a “stumbling block” that prevents them from launching an impact on higher honors.