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Lost in the Champions League knockout games for two consecutive years, lost two finals last season, scored more than 60 goals in two seasons but still failed to calm public doubts, Ronaldo’s Serie A trip was not going well. Not only enjoy the core treatment, but also can put down the superstar status, in order to continue the peak career tirelessly adjust the style of play, with excess output to promote the team's difficult progress, Ronaldo's efforts did not achieve the expected results, but his contribution should not be denied.


When Allegri was in charge, Juventus achieved great success in athletic performance and business. The club's income, influence and market appeal are not what it used to be. The Serie A giants are trying to shorten the distance with "Saqima" on the two fronts of competition and management. Ronaldo is the decisive figure who can help the team's double attack.


In the specific tactical link, Juventus has always been good at overall combat, relying on sophisticated tactical design to maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses in strong dialogue. After losing the Champions League final twice in a row, Juventus needs superstars to help them break through the bottleneck. Ronaldo is undoubtedly the strategic signings that can allow Juventus to complete a comprehensive upgrade.


Ronaldo was 33 years old when he joined Juventus, and he was no longer the all-around killer who could advance, organize, explode and score. Ronaldo completed the transformation during his time at Real Madrid. He no longer continued to attack his opponents as a breaking point winger, nor did he become a stance center who is good at backing the ball and suppressing the line of defense. Instead, he became a player who needs a higher degree of tactical freedom. "Swing in the edge." Juventus needs Cristiano Ronaldo's scoring ability in key battles. What the coach has to do is to provide tactical tilt, save his physical energy, and ensure the technical stability of the shot.

罗纳尔多(Ronaldo)加入尤文图斯(Juventus)时只有33岁,他不再是能够前进,组织,爆发和得分的全能杀手。罗纳尔多在皇马时期完成了转型。他不再继续以断球边锋的身份攻击对手,也不再成为擅长后卫和压制防守线的中锋。相反,他成为了需要更高战术自由度的球员。 “在边缘摆动。”尤文图斯需要关键比赛中克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多的得分能力。教练要做的是提供战术上的倾斜,节省他的体力,并确保铅球的技术稳定性。

In the middle of the 2017/18 season, Real Madrid encountered difficulties in multi-line battles. Cristiano Ronaldo’s center forward appeared "countercurrent". He took on the task of retreating and catching the ball again in times of crisis to help the team tide over the difficulties. After coming to Juventus, Ronaldo continued this way of fully participating in the offensive game.


"After Ronaldo came to Serie A, he has changed his football style. He often goes to deep areas to get the ball. He is part of the team's offensive organization. He can always participate in the team's goals or assists. He is a very important player for Juventus. "At the beginning of last season, Marchisio's analysis of Ronaldo's influence on the court was sharp.


At the beginning of the 2018/19 season, Allegri gave up the rotation that he was good at (the so-called "three shifts"), arranged for Cristiano Ronaldo to play the game, and frequently adjusted the frontcourt configuration around him, and finally established 433 as the regular blueprint. The cornerstone of the 433 system is the two offensive midfielders (inner forwards). Juventus’s players are Khedira, Matuidi, Emre-Can and Bentankul. Not a rib organizer in the general sense. Juve's 433 formation is not centered on the midfield, but a forward center of gravity model with wingers driving the three lines.

在2018/19赛季初,Allegri放弃了他擅长的轮换(所谓的“三班制”),安排克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)参加比赛,并经常调整他周围的前场配置,最终确定了433作为常规蓝图。 433系统的基石是两名进攻型中场(前锋)。尤文图斯的球员有赫迪拉,马蒂伊迪,埃姆雷坎和本坦库尔。从一般意义上讲,它不是肋骨组织者。尤文(Juve)的433编队并不是以中场为中心,而是前锋重心模型,由边锋驱动这三条线。

In the 2016/17 season, Real Madrid was crowned the double crown, and the BBC combination of play has undergone new changes. Benzema continued to assist Ronaldo in the frontcourt, and Bell transformed into a wide B2B to ensure coverage and defense, reducing Ronaldo’s defensive pressure. After Ronaldo came to Serie A, Allegri also found Juventus's "Benzema" and "Bell". Mandzukic quickly became Cristiano Ronaldo’s best partner, and the role of "Bell" was split into two. Dybala appeared in the forward transport line of Juventus, and Bernardeschi provided coverage and defense on the wing. During the Viola era, the aura player gradually became an engineer.

在2016/17赛季,皇家马德里获得了双冠王,而BBC的比赛组合发生了新的变化。本泽玛继续协助罗纳尔多在前场,贝尔转变为宽广的B2B,以确保掩护和防守,从而减轻了罗纳尔多的防守压力。罗纳尔多来到意甲后,阿莱格里还找到了尤文图斯的“本泽马”和“贝尔”。曼祖基奇很快成为克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多的最佳搭档,“贝尔”的角色被一分为二。 Dybala出现在尤文图斯的前向运输线中,而Bernardeschi提供了机翼的掩护和防御。在中提琴时代,光环演奏者逐渐成为工程师。

Thanks to his experience as a left winger in the "five-star battle formation", Mandzukic can switch sides with Ronaldo without barriers. When two players appear in the penalty area at the same time, it is difficult for the opponent to guard against. The characteristics of Dybala and Cristiano Ronaldo overlap. Allegri transformed Dybala into an attacking midfielder, which has achieved good results in Serie A.

由于他在“五星级战队”中担任左翼后卫的经验,曼祖基奇可以无障碍地与罗纳尔多互换阵线。当两个玩家同时出现在罚球区时,对手很难防备。 Dybala和Cristiano Ronaldo的特征重叠。阿莱格里将迪巴拉变成了进攻型中场,在意甲联赛中取得了不错的成绩。

It is necessary to retain the golden partner of Cristiano Ronaldo & Mandzukic, but also to find a way to arrange the main position for Dybala, and do not want to abandon the wide development that has lasted for three seasons. The six starting places in the front field are not enough. Haunted Allegri for half a season. At the knockout stage of the Champions League, the problem of Juventus's "top-heavy" formation was exposed. In the first round of the Wanda Metropolis, Dybala & Pjanic's midfield double drive completely failed. After Ronaldo retreated, he contributed 6 breakthroughs and 6 crosses, and the offensive task was unable to take care of it.

有必要保留克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo&Mandzukic)的黄金搭档,而且还需要找到一种方法来安排迪巴拉(Dybala)的主要职位,并且不想放弃历时三个月的广泛发展。前场的六个起点还不够。困扰阿莱格里半个赛季。在冠军联赛的淘汰赛阶段,尤文图斯的“重磅”阵型问题暴露出来。在万达大都会的第一轮比赛中,迪巴拉和潘贾尼克的中场双发完全失败。罗纳尔多撤退后,他贡献了6次突破和6次横传,进攻任务无法解决。

After the failure of the first round, Allegri quickly came up with remedial measures. Juventus played the best battle of the season in the second round of the contest and completed a shocking reversal. In addition to Cristiano Ronaldo who completed the hat trick, Emre Can and Bernardeschi also performed very well. The two players occupy the midfield, and the sides are responsible for protecting the defense line backwards and connecting the frontcourt forward, helping Juventus establish an advantage near the two penalty areas.

第一轮失败后,阿莱格里迅速提出了补救措施。尤文图斯在第二轮比赛中打出了赛季最佳战役,完成了令人震惊的逆转。除了完成帽子戏法的克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)外,埃姆雷·坎(Emre Can)和贝纳德斯基(Bernardeschi)的表现也非常出色。两名球员占据中场,双方负责向后保护防守线并向前连接前场,帮助尤文图斯在两个禁区附近建立优势。

Regrettably, Juventus was once again blocked by injuries after passing Atletico Madrid. In the quarter-finals against Ajax, Chiellini was absent for two rounds. Mandzukic was injured in the first round. Dybala only played 46 minutes in the second round and then retired. These sudden blows made Allegri has completely lost the space to turn around.

遗憾的是,尤文图斯在经过马德里竞技之后再次因受伤而受阻。在对阵阿贾克斯的四分之一决赛中,基耶利尼缺席了两轮比赛。曼祖基奇在第一轮受伤。 Dybala在第二轮只踢了46分钟,然后退役。这些突然的打击使阿莱格里(Allegri)完全失去了转身的空间。

In the summer window of 2019, Juventus has introduced De Ligt, Ramsey and Rabiot, these are players who seem to be very suitable for pass control. Unfortunately, the three players encountered many twists and turns in the process of adapting to Serie A, and the quality of Sarri-ball was greatly reduced.


After taking office, Sarri did not follow Allegri's successful strategy. He sent Mandzukic and Dybala to the bench at the same time, and Higuain, Douglas Costa and Quadrado appeared beside Ronaldo. . After narrowly defeating Parma and Verona, and drew with Florence and Atletico Madrid, Sarri began to try to change under pressure. Dybala didn't start for the first time until the 4th round. In the 5th round, against Brescia (C Ronaldo took a break), Sarri took out the 4312 formation during Empoli and Ramsey started two consecutive games.

上任后,Sarri没有遵循Allegri的成功策略。他同时将曼祖基奇(Mandzukic)和迪巴拉(Dybala)送上了替补席,伊瓜因,道格拉斯·科斯塔(Douglas Costa)和夸德拉多(Quadrado)出现在罗纳尔多旁边。 。萨里(Sarri)在险些击败帕尔马(Parma)和维罗纳(Verona),并与佛罗伦萨(Florence)和马德里竞技(Atletico Madrid)战平之后,开始尝试在压力下做出改变。 Dybala直到第四轮才第一次开始。在第5轮中,对阵布雷西亚(罗纳尔多(C.罗纳尔多)休息),萨里(Sarri)在恩波利(Empoli)和拉姆西(Ramsey)连续两场比赛期间拿下了4312阵型。

Mandzukic was gradually marginalized until he finally left the team. Ronaldo lost his best partner on the front line, and Juventus' attack also lost an important puzzle. Of course, Cristiano Ronaldo is not a shooter who can't survive without the center cover. During the lead Portugal to win the European Cup and the UEFA Europa League, he was willing to be the "cannon fodder" to suppress the defense line, and cooperate with the technical midfield behind him . Without the help of Mandzukic to suppress the line of defense, the offensive midfielder and wing B2B players are very important to Ronaldo.


Khedira suffered long-term injuries, and Ramsey was once high hopes. In the game before the offseason, Ramsey did not play the "B2B" style that people expected. He didn't pay much attention to controlling the distance with his teammates when attacking, and his ball-holding assault ability was not enough to tear the Serie A team. Defensive line, the ability to suppress central defenders after reaching the penalty zone cannot be compared with Emre Can. Ramsey's running ability is good, and his characteristic of chasing the ball can easily make him lose his defensive position.

赫迪拉(Khedira)长期受伤,拉姆西(Ramsey)曾经寄予厚望。在休赛期之前的游戏中,拉姆齐没有发挥人们期望的“ B2B”风格。进攻时他并没有非常注意控制与队友之间的距离,而且持球进攻能力不足以破坏意甲球队。防守线,到达罚球区后压制中后卫的能力无法与埃姆雷·坎相比。拉姆齐(Ramsey)的跑动能力强,而且追球的特点容易使他失去防守位置。

Ramsey failed to live up to his value, and Bernardeschi and Rabiot's performance was below expectations. Bernardeschi has lost the aura of the Viola period. After entering the frontcourt, the handling of the ball has become more and more procrastinated, relying on active defense to establish a foothold in the starting lineup. Rabiot did not find the feeling until the semi-finals. His dribbling was one of Juventus' most reliable means of advancing.

拉姆齐(Ramsey)未能实现自己的价值,伯纳德斯基(Bernardeschi)和拉比奥(Rabiot)的表现低于预期。 Bernardeschi失去了中提琴时代的光环。进入前场后,依靠主动防守在首发阵容中立足,对球的处理变得越来越拖延。拉比奥特直到半决赛才发现这种感觉。他的盘带是尤求个亚博网址文图斯前进的最可靠手段之一。

Juve's midfield control is declining, and the ability to create opportunities on the side is not outstanding enough, it is difficult to form a continuous pass. Many teams in Serie A adopt a five-back style, and the blockade of the penalty area is relatively tight. Mandzukic's departure caused Ronaldo to lack wingman when attacking the tough, and the opponent's attention was almost all on him. Cristiano Ronaldo can only complete 1 header per game this season, and many of them are still struggling to get the chance to score. Naturally, the air combat scoring rate cannot be guaranteed.

尤文的中场控制力在下降,在侧边创造机会的能力还不够出色,很难形成连续传球。意甲的许多球队都采用五后卫的风格,禁区的封锁相对较紧。曼祖基奇的离开导致罗纳尔多在进攻强硬手时缺少边锋,而对手的注意力几乎全部集中在他身上。克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)本赛季每场只能完成1个头球,而且其中许多人仍在努力争取得分机会。自然,不能保证空战得分率。

The familiar attack method didn't work, Ronaldo adjusted his way of running without the ball. It is difficult to receive a pass from the wing comfortably. Ronaldo makes more use of retreat to receive the ball to take the defender away, start the attack from a deeper area, and aim at the space behind the defense.


In addition to expanding the attack range in sports warfare, Cristiano Ronaldo also pays great attention to grasping the opportunity of positioning shots. Cristiano Ronaldo scored 12 penalty kicks in the league this season and only missed one shot. In the free kick link that he was good at in the past, Cristiano Ronaldo finally scored in the Torino Derby after 43 unsuccessful shots. The first direct free kick in four seasons (League + Champions League).

除了扩大运动战的攻击范围外,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)还非常重视把握射击机会。克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)本赛季在联盟得分12球,仅丢了一杆。在过去他擅长的任意球环节中,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)在43次射门失败后最终在都灵德比(Torino Derby)进球。四个赛季以来第一个直接任意球(联赛+冠军联赛)。

At his peak, Ronaldo used to frequently hit heavy lift balls straight to the dead corner. This performance has been very rare in the past two seasons. Affected by injuries and age, it is now difficult for Ronaldo to hit high-quality elevator balls. More shots were intercepted by the wall before the goalkeeper. Some shots even bypassed the wall because of falling The arc was not enough to only hit the earth.


In this season's Serie A, Cristiano Ronaldo basically just arranged a free kick on the left side of the frontcourt, sharing the penalty opportunities in other areas with his teammates. In the game before the offseason, Cristiano Ronaldo has begun to reduce elevator shots and restarted the curve ball play. After the Serie A rematch, Cristiano Ronaldo finally broke the free-kick scoring shortage in the Turin derby.

在本赛季的意甲联赛中,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多基本上只是在前场左侧踢任意球,与队友分享了其他地区的点球机会。在休赛期之前的比赛中,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)已开始减少电梯投篮,并重新开始曲线球比赛。意甲复赛后,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)终于打破了都灵德比的任意球得分短缺。

From the perspective of tactical development trends in recent years, when the gap between the two sides' technical capabilities is small, teams with strong confrontation and running capabilities are more competitive. Juventus' overall athletic ability is insufficient and cannot guarantee the continuity of high-intensity compression and pressing. They can only use the daily "strike" method to accumulate energy for key battles. This characteristic is particularly evident in the intensive schedule after the rematch.


Juventus against AC Milan, Sassuolo and Atlanta, and the Bianconeri that defeated Lazio, look completely different. Of course, the potential and experience of this Juventus team is commendable for being able to "wake up" in time to win Lazio after three defeats and establish the championship in one fell swoop. In the second round against Lyon at home, aside from the influence of controversial factors on the result, Juventus played the best game after the rematch.


Facing the strong teams in Ligue 1 using five-back defense, Juventus used aggressive high-position presses to drive the offense. The performances of Rabiot and Sandro were significantly improved compared to those in the league. As Dybala failed to start, Higuain, who replaced him, has limited effect. Ronaldo is forced to go to the outside of the penalty area to hold the ball, which affects Juventus' scoring efficiency to a certain extent.

面对在Ligue 1中使用五后卫防守的强队,尤文图斯使用激进的高位压力机推动了进攻。与联盟相比,拉比奥特和桑德罗的表现得到了显着提高。由于迪巴拉(Dybala)未能首发,接替他的伊瓜因(Higuain)作用有限。罗纳尔多被迫在禁区外持球,这在一定程度上影响了尤文图斯的得分效率。

When Ronaldo "made out of nothing" to help the team overtake the score, Dybala, who came off the bench, was unfortunately injured. The strong points of the striker could not form a synergy, and Juventus lacked stamina and missed the opportunity for a major reversal.


The modern football production line will launch a large number of high hopes of new stars every year. Among them, very few can truly stand the cruelty of professional football and eventually gain a foothold in the football world. Living at the top of the pyramid like Ronaldo can continue to innovate and steadily. The exported superstar figures are even rarer. On the one hand, it has won nine consecutive Serie A championships without any risk, on the other hand, the Champions League performance has regressed again. Juventus is at a hesitating crossroads. Pirlo’s appointment reflects the high-level intention to change actively, and he is very ambitious. Cristiano Ronaldo is still Juventus' reliance in this transitional period.

现代化的足球生产线每年将发射大量寄予厚望的新星。在他们当中,很少有人能真正经受住职业足球的残酷并最终在足球界站稳脚跟。像罗纳尔多(Ronaldo)这样生活在金字塔顶端的人可以继续不断创新和稳步发展。出口的超级明星人物甚至更少。一方面,它已经连续九次夺得意甲冠军,另一方面,欧洲冠军联赛的表现又有所下降。尤文图斯正处于一个犹豫的十字路口。皮尔洛(Pirlo)的任命反映了高层积极改变的意愿,而且他雄心勃勃。克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)在这个过渡时期仍然是尤文图斯的依靠。