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   In this game, Shenyang City once again fine-tuned the starting lineup. Wang Jingbin, who was loaned from Guangzhou Evergrande this season, was ranked for the first time. After the game began, the Jiangxi team did not shrink the defense as expected, but chose to take the initiative. Not only did they control the situation on the field most of the time, but they also created murder in front of the goal many times. Towards the end of the first half, the Jiangxi team made a pass from the left. The former Hong Kong member of China and Russell, who had also played for Liaozu Football Club, received a header after a ferry. However, the city team escaped because of the offside first. .

在这场比赛中,沉阳市再次调整了首发阵容。本赛季从广州恒大借来的王敬斌首次获得排名。比赛开始后,江西队没有按预期减少防守,而是选择了主动。他们不仅在大多数时候控制了现场局势,而且还多次在目标面前制造谋杀案。上半场快结束时,江西队从左边传了球。曾在辽足足球俱乐求个亚博网址部(Liaozu Football Club)效力的前中国大陆和拉塞尔(Russell)香港前会员在渡轮后获得了头球。但是,市政队因为越位越位成功逃脱。 。

   After the intermission, Shenyang City changed two people in a row, but when they were preparing to strengthen their offense, they suffered an unexpected blow. In the 52nd minute, the Jiangxi captain passed, Liu Jiaxin fouled after making a mistake in the card position and was sentenced to capital punishment, and Shang Yin made a penalty. Since then, Shenyang City has stepped up its offensive, but after entering the opponent's 30-meter area, it seems that there are not many ways. Although there were 10 shots in the field and 4 shots into the goal frame, it basically did not pose too much threat to the opponent goalkeeper Mu Qianyu . In stoppage time, Liu Jiaxin scored a header shot, but because Chu Mu smashed into the goalkeeper, he was ruled invalid. At the final whistle, Shenyang City reluctantly swallowed the bitter fruit of defeat.


As the "lucky guy" who entered the Chinese Premier League, Jiangxi Liansheng suffered a 0-4 defeat in the previous two rounds, but Shenyang City has no advantage when facing such a team, no matter from the process or the result. Look, there is nothing to say about losing. On the offensive end, Jiangxi Liansheng is obviously more efficient. Russell, who is a central defender, plays a pivotal role by himself. Although Shenyang City has double foreign aid, it is very difficult for Chu Mu to get the ball under the focus of the opponent's defender, and the offensive players cannot form an effective cooperation. On the defensive end, in the face of the opponent's strategy of attacking the central defender through the ribs, Shenyang City did not make a good response. The defensive line missed the other, and the defender once again made a fatal mistake that ruined the game.


The former Liao football players in the Liansheng team played well in this game. The former Liao football center defender Russell changed to play forward. The performance was very eye-catching and became the core of Jiangxi Liansheng. The former Liao football captain Zhang Ye and goalkeeper Mu Qianyu were also the same The main hero of the team's victory.


   There are many reasons for the failure of Shenyang City, one of which is the difference in physical fitness. When facing the Meizhou Hakka team in the last round, Liansheng head coach Huang Yongxue hid a number of main players. In this campaign, 9 players were replaced in the starting lineup. The abundant physical fitness is conducive to the performance of technical movements. In Shenyang City, many players played 270 minutes in the previous three games. Under the sweltering weather in Meizhou and the intensity of 4 matches in 10 days, physical fitness will inevitably turn on a yellow light. In the next two rounds, Shenyang City will face two powerful enemies, Zhejiang Greentown and Meizhou Hakka, and the situation is not optimistic.