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求个亚博网址:全锦赛天津获“双冠王” 国手归队让比赛更加精彩

   After more than 10 days of competition, the "Huida Cup" 2020 National Women's Volleyball Championship came to an end in Jiangmen Sports Center, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province. In the end, Tianjin Bohai Bank's women's volleyball team, which emphasized both technical and physical fitness, won the "double crown."

经过十多天的比赛,“惠达杯” 2020年全国女排锦标赛在广东省江门市江门体育中心落下帷幕。最后,强调技术和身体素质的天津渤海女子排球队获得了“双冠王”。

   The 2020 National Women's Volleyball Championship was held after the Chinese women's volleyball team completed the 2020 closed training session. For the first time in many years, many national players have the opportunity to return to their clubs to participate in the competition, which has attracted many fans. Although the matches were all played empty, many important matches from the group stage to the finals were shown to fans in various forms such as live webcasts and TV broadcasts. This is an exploration and attempt by the Chinese Volleyball Association in the promotion of the national championship. It also meets the needs of fans to appreciate high-level events during the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival.


   All participating teams will play in the All-China Class this time. The coaches and athletes of each team regard this National Championship as a "big training" and a "big picture" before the National Games next year. Cai Bin, the coach of Jiangsu Women's Volleyball Team, said that although the National Games is still one year away, the basic framework of the current teams can be seen in this competition. Tianjin Women's Volleyball coach Wang Baoquan said frankly that this match is a good opportunity for many young players from Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team to practice combat.


National team players such as Li Yingying and Wang Yuanyuan of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team, Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu of Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team, Ding Xia of Liaoning Women’s Volleyball Team, Wang Mengjie of Shandong Women’s Volleyball Team, Lin Li and Zheng Yixin of Fujian Women’s Volleyball Team all played a central role after returning to their clubs. This is exactly what the Chinese women's volleyball coaching staff expect to see. "Director Lang hopes that we will go all out in this national championship, treat the game with heart, and show the results of our training in the past few months." Zhang Changning said. Zhang Changning also said that the efforts and progress of the national teammates are all contributing to the Chinese women's volleyball team.

国家队队员,天津女排的李莹莹,王媛媛,江苏女排的张长宁,龚向宇,辽宁女排的丁霞,山东女排的王梦洁,福建的林莉,郑一新。回到排球俱乐部后,女子排球队都发挥了核心作用。这正是中国女排教练组希望看到的。 “郎主任希望我们能在这个全国冠军赛上全力以赴,用心去对待比赛,并展示过去几个月我们训练的结果。”张长宁说。张长宁还说,国家队的努力和进步都为中国女排做出了贡献。

The two teams in the finals have their own characteristics. Among them, the Shandong Rizhao Iron and Steel Women's Volleyball Team has a neat lineup. In addition to Wang Mengjie, who is firmly seated as a free agent in the national team, Yang Hanyu, Zhang Qian, Mei Xiaohan, Du Qingqing, Qian Jingwen and many other young players in recent years I have all had the experience of being selected into the Chinese women's volleyball team training list, and the success of the young player Sun Jie's "turned out" made people sigh the talents of Shandong women's volleyball team. Since the Shandong National Games cycle, the Shandong Women's Volleyball Team has always insisted on cultivating reserve talents, invested heavily in the construction of the reserve echelon, and also attached great importance to training. This has resulted in a steady stream of outstanding young players. . Winning the runner-up in the national championship is not a day's work for the Shandong women's volleyball team.

决赛中的两支球队各有特点。其中,山东日照钢铁女排拥有整齐的阵容。除了在国家队担任自由球员的王梦洁之外,近年来,杨汉宇,张倩,梅小涵,杜庆清,钱敬文和其他许多年轻球员都拥有被选拔的经验。进入中国女排的训练名单,而年轻球员孙捷的“横空出世”的成功,让人叹为观止山东女排的才华。自山东全运会周期以来,山东女排一直坚持培养后备人才,大力投入后备梯队建设,并高度重视培训。这导致了稳定的优秀年轻球员队伍。 。对于山东女排来说,获得全国冠军亚军并不是一天的工作。

   As a veteran of the league, the Tianjin Bohai Bank Women's Volleyball Team won the sixth national championship trophy in team history. And in the previous physical fitness test competition, after a comprehensive competition of 10 physical fitness test items, the Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team ranked first with a total score of 770 points. It can be said that the Tianjin Women's Volleyball National Championship is a veritable "double champion".


Wang Baoquan said that the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team had closed training for 7 months this year, and the players practiced very hard. This National Championship tested the training results of the players, especially the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team won first place in the physical fitness test competition. We have made great progress. Wang Baoquan introduced that in terms of physical training, the Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team hired experts from Tianjin Sports Research Institute to serve as physical coaches. The team actively completed training in accordance with the content and requirements of the physical fitness test. The players worked very hard. (Picture reproduced from Xinhua News Agency)

王宝全说,天津女排今年已经结束训练七个月,队员们非常努力地练习。这次全国冠军赛考验了运动员的训练成绩,尤其是天津女排在体能测试比赛中获得第一名。我们取得了长足的进步。王宝全介绍说,在体育锻炼方面,天津女排聘请了天津体育研究院的专家担任体育教练。团队根据体能测试的内容和要求积极完成培训。球员们非常努力。 (图片摘自新华社)

   (China Sports News)