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So the question is, we are all talking about oppression, what exactly is high oppression?


In fact, the domestic academic circles are not cold on the translated term "high position pressure", but are more inclined to "center and frontcourt pressure defense" or "forward pressure style play".


Regarding oppression, Chinese fans are actually no stranger. Coach Xu Genbao played in the Shanghai team.


The ideal goal of high position pressure is naturally to regain possession of the ball. Direct steals, winning out-of-bounds kicks, corner kicks, and set kicks can all be regarded as successful defenses. Delaying the opponent's offensive speed is also an acceptable result, such as forcing the opponent to pass/dribble sideways or back, and destroy the ball out of bounds. The worst result? Of course, his opponent broke the game with three passes and passed the midfield quickly.


The football tactics Bible "Inverted Pyramid" explains this:


——The development and professionalization of football


We all know that the core issue of football games is "balance between offense and defense." Offense means that the ball is under the feet, which means active, and defense is often regarded as passive.


Back to defense.


To put it simply, traditional football games are "separate offense and defense". Offensive and defensive players do their own things. Modern football is highly regarded.


In the 1970s, the emergence of "all offense and all defense" tactics marked the emergence of the rudimentary form of oppressive defense. Here we have to mention two geniuses-"Master" Michels and his disciple Crewe. Yves. The high-level oppression we see today is developed and perfected on the basis of the concept of full offense and full defense.


In the second decade of the new century, with the rise of Spanish football and Barcelona, ​​oppressive defense once again ushered in innovation. Still remember


After that, teams of different styles combined their own characteristics to continuously optimize and upgrade the oppression: Guardiola's Barcelona & Bayern & Manchester City, Klopp's Dortmund & Liverpool, Pochettino's Tottenham, Simeone's Atletico, etc. Etc., their success in these years is largely due to their tactical concept leading the trend of an era.


On the court, the offensive and defensive moments are changing with each other. The end of the defense determines the starting point of the offense, that is, the offense can be initiated wherever the ball is grabbed. Regaining the right to the ball in the midfield can shorten the time from defensive to offensive. At this time, the team that loses the ball is often too late to organize the defensive formation. The defense level is thin, and the offense only needs one or two passes to attack the opponent's hinterland. Shot.


Even if you fail to steal the ball directly, you can press high


the most basic. Today’s players every game


Fragmented and separate oppression is difficult to succeed. Under normal circumstances, there must be a leader on the field to decide and initiate the oppression, and there must be a rear defense core to direct the movements and positions of teammates.


High position pressure requires players to be highly focused, read the time and space on the court, always pay attention to the development of the ball, accurately predict, react in time, and make quick decisions based on themselves, teammates, opponents and the location of the ball. Simeone The Jagged Atletico is synonymous with tactical quality and discipline.

高位置压力要求球员高度专注,在球场上阅读时间和空间,时刻关注球的发展,准确预测,及时做出反应并根据自己,队友,对手和位置做出快速决策球。 Simeone锯齿竞技是战术质量和纪律的代名词。

Since the oppression is to compress the opponent’s offensive space, the defensive side must naturally form a closely connected and well-defined defensive formation.


After grabbing the ball, the player with the ball should move the ball forward as soon as possible. The defending player quickly changes his role into a responder, looking for opportunities to attack the goal. If you can't hold the ball or lose the ball soon, then the pressure is meaningless. The reason why Barcelona’s oppression made all of them horrified is that each of their players has the ability to directly penetrate the defense line. Even if they can’t attack at the first time, they can calmly transition the ball back to the midfield and reorganize. .

抓住球后,带球的球员应尽快将球向前移动。防守球员迅速将自己的角色转变为响应者,寻找机会攻击目标。如果您无法立即持球或输球,那么压力就毫无意义。巴塞罗那的压迫令所有人震惊,原因是他们的每个球员都有能力直接突破防守线。即使他们第一次不能进攻,也可以从容地将球传回中场并重新组织。 。

Players are not robots after all. In a 90-minute game, it is difficult to ask them to run at high speed without stopping, so


As the players' personal abilities become stronger and stronger, the intensity and difficulty of defense are getting higher and higher. It is difficult to achieve good results with one-on-one defense or equal numbers of defenses. How to establish the advantages of more hits and less or more defenses and less in the local area, and further transformed into an overall advantage has become a key research topic for each coach.


On the wing, the offensive player’s


Here comes the point! Knock on the blackboard.


When an opportunity arises, the defensive player closest to the ball quickly grabs, actively speeds up the pace of the game, closes the forward path of the ball holder, and lures or forces it to a specific player (poor technique/back facing the offensive direction) or area ( Inferior number of wingers/attackers) play/dribble.


The assisting defender quickly moved closer into the ball area and occupied a favorable defensive position.


As the ball develops,


After all,