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求个亚博网址:巴托梅乌该辞职的十大理由:欧冠连年遭遇惨案 财务状况一蹶不振

After the review committee announced the results of the no-confidence vote, Bartomeu will face an impeachment vote. At present, Bartomeu is still unwilling to resign, but this may be the only way he can avoid becoming the first impeached chairman in the history of Barcelona. The "Marca" analyzed the ten reasons why Bartomeu should voluntarily resign.

审查委员会宣布不信任投票结果后,巴托梅将面临弹each投票。目前,巴托梅乌仍不愿辞职,但这可能是他避免成为巴塞罗那历史上首位受弹imp主席的唯一途径。 《马卡报》分析了巴托梅乌自愿辞职的十个原因。

The 2-8 loss to Bayern in the Champions League knockout matches marked the end of an era. After this tragic defeat, Setien was fired by the club and the locker room was forced to update. Not only that, Barcelona had previously been out in shame in Turin, Rome and Liverpool. During Bartomeu’s presidency, Barcelona was farther and farther away from the Big Ears trophy.


As a chairman lacking athletic planning, Bartomeu has changed five technical secretaries during his tenure as chairman of Barcelona: Subizareta, Roberto Fernandez, Segura, Abidal and Planas. Despite spending a lot of money for signings, Barcelona's signings did not reach the expected level, especially Dembele and Coutinho, who signed in at a cost of 250 million euros. In addition, during Bartomeu’s administration, Barcelona has changed four coaches: Enrique, Valverde, Setien and Koman. However, Koeman performed well in the start and won praise from Barcelona fans.


After the fiasco to Bayern, Messi notified the club by fax that he wanted to leave. He criticized the club's lack of long-term planning and accused Bartomeu of "liing." Although Messi eventually stayed, but after Suarez left the team, Messi criticized the board again on social networks.


The Barcelona board of directors did not expect that the vote of no confidence would achieve such a great success. Many people believed that the vote of no confidence would ultimately fail, but the result was completely contrary to their expectations. First of all, a record 20,687 signatures were collected in this voting. Second, the valid signatures far exceeded the club's regulations.


Bartomeu does not want to become the first Barcelona president to be impeached and stepped down in history. However, once the impeachment vote is held, it is difficult for Bartomeu to escape such a fate. Not only is he regarded as the culprit that caused Messi to almost leave the Nou Camp, but he will also become the first Barcelona president to be impeached.


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After the public relations door was made public, the local police also investigated it. The local judge Jill has decided to extend the investigation time by one month. At present, it is impossible to rule out the possibility that Bartomeu and other board members will become defendants.


After the public relations door was exposed by the media, four managers and two vice-chairmen resigned in April. The resignation of many senior executives exposed the internal differences between the Barcelona board of directors and also meant that Bartomeu had lost the support of board members.


Obviously, the emergence of the epidemic has affected Barcelona's finances. Bartomeu has tried to use salary cuts to solve financial problems, but in the 2019/20 season, Barcelona lost 97 million euros, and in the new season, Barcelona's budget has been reduced by 25%.

显然,这种流行病的出现影响了巴塞罗那的财政状况。 Bartomeu曾试图通过减薪来解决财务问题,但在2019/20赛季,巴塞罗那损失了9700万欧元,而在新赛季中,巴塞罗那的求个亚博网址预算减少了25%。

As one of the most important plans launched by Bartomeu, the budget of Barcelona Space has increased from the initial 600 million euros to 1.25 billion euros. However, the renovation of the Nou Camp is still in the foreseeable future, and the budget is steadily improving.


Bartomeu’s resignation will calm the tensions faced by Barcelona, ​​which has gone through a delicate phase this season. With the departure of Bartomeu, the club will usher in a turning point, and the new chairman may usher in a new life for Barcelona.




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