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Number 2 is the most inconspicuous number except the goalkeeper. There is no aura of offensive numbers, no dominance of No. 4, 5, and 6 in the midfield, and there is rarely even a high-gloss performance of No. 3 with a large assist. All our expectations for No. 2 are reliable and stable.


When studying defensive numbers, we need to start with the evolution of football tactics.


When the 2-3-5 formation was introduced in the 1930s and 1940s, the number of players was basically determined according to their position in the formation. The specific order is from right to left, from back field to front field. Countries around the world have evolved many different formations based on the 2-3-5 formation, but the principle of number allocation remains basically the same.


On paper, the number arrangement of each team is assigned according to the classic 2-3-5 formation shown in the figure below.


In the 2-3-5 system, No. 2 is on the right of the double-backs, and now it is the right center.


In contemporary football, the No. 2 jersey will only be worn on two types of players-right center back and right back. The appearance of No. 2 in these two positions was due to the tactical changes in the middle of the last century.


Chapman asked two full backs to mark the opposing wingers (Nos. 7 and 11) instead of two inside forwards (Nos. 8 and 10). He was the first coach to do so. This means that Arsenal's Tom Parker (Tom Parker) is the first right back in the history of modern football, and his main task is to mark the opposing left forward. It is not clear whether Parker wore the No. 2 jersey. After all, few teams printed the number on the jersey at the time. But in the development of English football with the No. 2 player as a right back, Parker is undoubtedly a milestone. Style character.


Among European teams, the No. 2 has the deepest tradition of Porto. Two heroic captains who led the team to win the Champions League once wore the No. 2 shirt-Joao Pinto in 1987 and Jorge Costa in 2004.

在欧洲队中,排名第二的是波尔图最悠久的传统。带领球队赢得冠军联赛的两位英勇队长曾经穿着1987年的二号球衣-乔奥·平托(Joao Pinto)和2004年的豪尔赫·科斯塔(Jorge Costa)。

Others such as Bruno Alves and Danilo once wore the Porto No. 2 jersey. This year this jersey was awarded to Estevez, who is only 17 years old. Although he has not yet played for the first team, Estevez has attracted the attention of giants including Manchester City and Barcelona. In time, he will be able to continue the glorious tradition of Porto 2.

布鲁诺·阿尔维斯(Bruno Alves)和达尼洛(Danilo)等其他人曾经穿着2号波尔图球衣。今年,这件球衣被授予仅17岁的Estevez。尽管他尚未为一线队效力,但埃斯特韦斯吸引了包括曼城和巴塞罗那在内的巨人的注意。随着时间的推移,他将能够继续波尔图2的辉煌传统。

Another company that has a special feeling for the No. 2 jersey is Inter Milan, thanks to Bergomi, who has played for the Nerazzurri for 20 years. Bergomi debuted as a right-back, then changed to play as a central-back, and in the last few years of his career as a scavenger, so it makes sense for him to wear No. 2. Bergomi is known for his easy man-marking ability and strong physical fitness. He has been sent off 12 times in his career. His fierce defense can not help but reminds people of Argentina and Uruguay defenders who are known for their ruggedness.

另一位对第二球衣有特殊感觉的公司是国际米兰,这要归功于为Nerazzurri效力20年的Bergomi。 Bergomi最初是作为右后卫出场,然后转而担任中后卫,在他职业生涯的最后几年里,他成为了清道夫,所以穿2号位很有意义。Bergomi以他随和的人而闻名。标记能力强,身体健康。他的职业生涯已被解雇12次。他的激烈防守不禁让人想起阿根廷和乌拉圭的后卫,这些人以其坚固耐用而著称。

In today's English football, the central defenders wearing the No. 2 jersey are all tough guys who are known for their height and strength. Those thin central defenders always seem incompatible with this number-Manchester United's Lindelof is an example, but Chelsea's Rudiger and West Ham United's Winston Reid are very suitable for this number.


In general, No. 2 is still a right-back number: such as Kyle Walker, Bellerin, Jan Matt, Dougherty, Baldock, Aarens, etc. Liverpool's Klein is on the verge of leaving the team, and Arnold is expected to wear the Reds No. 2 jersey after the former leaves the team.


Except for the center back and right back, players in other positions would be too weird if they wear No. 2. Fortunately, few left backs and midfielders choose this number. Schneiderlin once crossed No. 2 in Toffees, and a year and a half later he changed to No. 18, giving No. 2 to the local young central defender Holgate.


Although there are few midfielders wearing No. 2, there is no shortage of alternatives in the frontcourt. "Captain America" ​​Clint Dempsey once wore the No. 2 jersey because it was his number when he was in the college team and the first number in his life. "A person can make a number famous, but a number cannot determine a person," Dempsey explained.

尽管很少有中场球员穿着2号位,但在前场并不缺少其他选择。 ``美国队长''克林特·登普西(Clint Dempsey)曾经穿着2号球衣,因为这是他上大学时的数字,也是他一生中的第一个数字。登普西解释说:“一个人可以使一个数字出名,但是一个数字不能确定一个人。”

Athletic Bilbao star Gaizka Toquero (Gaizka Toquero) is a No. 2 worthy of our memory. As a striker, Tokolo is not fast and technically rough, but he has inexhaustible physical fitness and iron will, so Tokro is also regarded as an idol by Athletic Bilbao fans. From this point of view, No. 2 is really suitable for Tokro. No. 9, which symbolizes the killer in front of goal, and No. 10, which is the creator of the frontcourt, are inconsistent with his temperament.

毕尔巴鄂竞技巨星盖兹卡·托克罗(Gaizka Toquero)是值得我们记住的第二名。作为一名前锋,托科洛并不快,技术上也比较粗糙,但是他拥有不竭的身体素质和坚强的意志,因此托科洛也被毕尔巴鄂竞技队的球迷视为偶像。从这个角度来看,第二名真的很适合Tokro。第9号象征着进球前的杀手,第10号是前场的创造者,这与他的气质不一致。

Tokro is a real No. 2, he is always running, always going all out. Although it seems more than brave and lacking in aura, it fits perfectly with the dedication of No. 2, so we are blameless for No. 2 wearing this kind of player.